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Put a USB cork in it Jobs

by tom44 on May 29, 2014

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No Experience Necessary Jobs is pissed that Mobile Me doesn’t open doors like his iPod, or that Bond’s Sony Ericsson mobile is easier to hack than the iPh…
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10 thoughts on “Put a USB cork in it Jobs

  1. gabemac says:

    Thanks man!

  2. ChunMeiling says:

    Chun Li + Megaman = Capcom owned characters.

  3. xmrbojanglesx says:

    Great show.

  4. gabemac says:

    So blow me man. :p

  5. gabemac says:

    I should have seen that from the background.

  6. gabemac says:

    That’s also a cool idea.

  7. Asteao says:

    Man, at first I though the usb cork was to cork your usb.

  8. OnEye says:

    sigh .. this channel. I like the info .. but gabe’s personality is really
    starting to get on my nerves,

  9. kkiselgof says:

    this host is a faggot

  10. Zeina107 says:

    yeah nice

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