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Push For Tougher Gun Control May Cost New York State LOTS Of Jobs!

by tom44 on March 30, 2013

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February 16, 2013 CBS News
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24 thoughts on “Push For Tougher Gun Control May Cost New York State LOTS Of Jobs!

  1. bowtie22100 says:

    Remington/Berratta, and any other gun mfg, you are more than welcome in Michigan. Recent news in Michigan is that the Dems are losing a foot hold here, and I see it happening all over Michigan. People in Michigan are finally getting the message that the libs have run us into the ground and we are on the way back up. So come join the party, I am sure you would get the red carpet treatment here. Sorry New York, but? like all of us, you got the government you voted in!!!!

  2. WNQZH says:

    Well there you go Cuomo you fucking jew! If i could meet you and bloomberg face to face i would choke the life out of both of you! You not only are fucking the? citizens of our rights but now your going to lose buissness you dumb son of a bitch.

  3. Polydynamix says:

    ‘put up or shut the fuck up, bitch’…. listen, fat? boy, don’t go going into a nerd rage because you’re an idiot. Grow up, loser. You can’t even control yourself, how do you expect to control me? lol. that’s adorable.

  4. Z Sha says:

    Put up or shut the fuck up, bitch. YOU said I used the word Nazi incorrectly. I asked how that was so, and suddenly you’re too fucking? busy to teach me? Yeah right… okay.

  5. aimext27 says:

    lol? ~ “holding the fun”

  6. MendingMedia says:

    Push For Tougher War Control May Cost? New York State LOTS Of Jobs!

  7. VogueIsRogue . says:

    What? a joke New York’s liberal population is

  8. Polydynamix says:

    lol. so you want me to? teach you what you should have learned when you were in junior high. I’m not your teacher and I’m not your mommy, kid.

  9. Z Sha says:

    Oh,? don’t be sad…. why not take the opportunity to explain what YOU think a Nazi is, and how Obama or America is any different today than WW2/Hitler?

  10. Flukyunicorn says:

    NY? is just tough on business in general…taxes, regulation, bullshit. Any company doing well in NY would THRIVE in most other states (excluding California)

  11. KracusOmniax says:

    Is there something in the law he passed that hinders? their business, if they are booming why move?

  12. apocalyptichybrid2 says:

    NY is a lost cause, it is the UK police state? of the US.

  13. Grominx says:

    are you? talking to me? i said you needed a spelling lesson… what an idiot

  14. sgtguthrie says:

    If I lived in New York, I’d be moving! Like YESTERDAY! DAMN LIBTARDS running things…?

  15. Michael Heidbreder says:

    Cuomo is a? huomo!

  16. Michael Heidbreder says:

    No one cares.? Screw new York

  17. Grominx says:

    speaking of lessons, I think you need a spelling? lesson

  18. Heyoka ChiefBigMouth says:

    Pack up and move, screw them, take the money and jobs out of that NAZI state.
    MOVE MOVE MOVE and teach them a leason, don’t even talk about it, just do it! SCREW NY, the? COMMI STATE ran by little HILTERs!

  19. Julie Monroe says:

    Sucks? for NY if it happens, but if it does happen they brought it on themselves. I’m sure whatever state that they move to will welcome them with open arms.

  20. mikoDafist says:

    Slaves don’t? need guns!

  21. Polydynamix says:

    I don’t dislike the term ‘Nazi’… it just saddens me to see how americas education system is producing people like you. ? I don’t even blame you for not understanding, you don’t know any better.

  22. Z Sha says:

    It is what it is…don’t care much if you like the term Nazi or not. And no… I’m not the idiot. The idiots are the people denying what’s going on in? our country.

    Heil Obama.

  23. Mathieu R says:

    Cry me a fucking river. Shops will close!? Jobs will… well, not disappear, but move somewhere else! Yeah, a real fucking tragedy.

  24. Polydynamix says:

    Really? The Nazis… either you’re just repeating someone else’s manufactured fear or you really have no idea anything about history.

    If you’re going to be mad, do so- be mad because it’s against the constitution or whatever,? but using the word Nazi completely incorrectly makes you sound like an idiot

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