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Pr. Obama U Texas Austin (1) – Jobs, Education, Economy

by tom44 on August 16, 2012

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11 thoughts on “Pr. Obama U Texas Austin (1) – Jobs, Education, Economy

  1. philosophergenius says:

    Obama if you believe that education will help the economy then give me a break. I have a master? degree and pay far to many taxes. I am the person you are saying that is bringing this country back–so give me a tax break.

  2. KnightxxArrow says:

    Obama is not a communist he’s more of a Socialist. Let people keep their hard earned money. I hate the term? distribution of wealth.

  3. StartLoving3 says:

    – we need to DROP EVERYTHING and fight alongside him for a sane? outcome to the Nov ’10 elections. EVERYTHING depends on it. barackobama[dot]com sl

  4. wondergirlsx33 says:

    I love? Obama!!!!

  5. tim23z says:

    Please don’t? come back.

  6. StartLoving3 says:

    @thejimmyzshow, thanks for telling us what you see when you look in? the mirror.

  7. thejimmyzshow says:

    What a lying piece of crap.?

  8. StartLoving3 says:

    @tandemracer, you are a? stupid, white trash piece of shit.

  9. David Hunter says:

    Obama is a commie bastard. He is (further) screwing up our health care system. He is spending us into an abyss. He is making? it impossible to run a successful, productive business. This is why I left the country. AMF!!!

  10. TheBlackLesbian says:

    Hook ’em? horns!!!! I think all universities follow some sort of tradition. It hurts when put our horns upside down.

  11. MrWatchdawg77 says:

    I’m no fan of Obama but let’s just nip this in the bud so we can move on to bigger issues! This is for all the illuminati conspiracy theorist!

    “Traditions at the University of Texas are perpetuated through several school symbols and mediums. At athletic events, students frequently sing “Texas Fight”, the university’s fight song while displaying the Hook ’em Horns? hand gesture—the gesture mimicking the horns of the school’s mascot, Bevo the Texas longhorn.” -Wikki

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