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Pot Wars: Battlefield California

by tom44 on May 27, 2014

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Over the past couple of years, the medical marijuana industry in Los Angeles has exploded. Estimates vary, but there may be as many as 800 dispensaries curre…
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25 thoughts on “Pot Wars: Battlefield California

  1. stefano1oo1 says:

    wut the fuck why did that duche just randomly use some salad reference and
    spray raid that didnt even make scence. yo that dude is mad dumn

  2. NOstevecooley says:

    Yes on prop.19 and No on Steve Cooley because he’s against
    cannabis/patients rights.

  3. Accordiondog says:

    free the? green!!!? yes on 19!!! When this God’s gift to America is legal
    we will look back? at the feds that lied to us and were against it, they
    should all be tried for “Marijuana War Crimes”.

  4. Charles Gill says:

    Pot at a high school?!! obviosuly the dispensarys’ fault!

  5. yipcarl says:

    Yea we should make it a triple felony to have marijuana. Why not? Our
    government’s MO is to fight wars they can’t win. Oh wait they do that to
    feed the war machine and so the rich get richer… O wait it’s the same
    thing here. The gov’t is trying to figure out best to get their hands in
    it. the whole Federal government should be disbanded and 90% of the elected
    officials should be shot.

  6. Kyle Liddle says:

    dam the lies

  7. slimshadie1290 says:

    Weed just makes you feel fucked up. Period!

  8. shartnockers says:

    “am I the only one out of 4 million to say no to the legalization?” yes,
    yes he is.

  9. Alan Scott says:

    The whole “medical pot” subject is such BULL SHIT ! The true fact is that
    the “state” is threatened by public use of marijuana because , people who
    smoke pot , tend to think deeper – and when that happens , they become more
    aware of the oppressive and manipulative policies of the state – they might
    challenge the authorities and interfere with political special interests !
    A pot public , is an informed public – and an informed public is always a
    potential threat to the goddamned state !

  10. LoverOfTheBandBoston says:

    Well, it is the only way to create jobs now in California

  11. migkillertwo says:

    what? we can’t let you smoke pot! that would be bad for…some…reason.
    Jesus Christ, how did we get from the Articles of Confederation to…THIS!?
    A Federal Government that criminalize’s FLOWERS! Ugh! Anyone want to join
    my militia?

  12. tthecirclea says:

    Anyone against weed is a fuckin idiot

  13. outlawridinred says:

    P.S. most growers use an all organic pesticide so I don’t have to worry
    about Raid

  14. Keith Pomeroy says:

    HAHAHA! This is insane! California shot itself in the foot. AGAIN!

  15. mike foley says:

    did anyone else notice the barel on 7:18 on the left had 420 on it lol

  16. s117godd says:

    @jjmdirector No, no, agreed – that is my point exactly – who the fuck
    decides where you draw the line? Nobody – any specific rule (weed is bad
    but alcohol is okay) is bogus and un-supportable. How you said it is best –
    States and Cites don’t realize that THEY have the power to regulate this
    stuff (10th Amendment much – everyone conveniently forgets that one). Same
    rules for any substance.

  17. WeAskThePeople says:

    look up TOMATO MODEL… makes the most sense

  18. Famoussas1 says:

    Lighten up. Keep it simple.

  19. YamahaPhyscho says:

    “lets assume theres a salad right here, if i were to do this, qsshhhhhhh!
    would any of you eat it?” oh pleassssee this just shows how ignorant
    politicians are.. Raid..who sprays raid on weed? why would you, it would
    make it taste like shit and people wouldn’t purchase it from you..
    ridiculously stupid argument..

  20. gunnar1137 says:

    all dispenceries get their weed from grower that have atleast 15 year of
    expirence up here in Canada and i would assume its the same down their
    mabey not 15 but around 10 becuz canada well wev been growen pot thro all
    this bull shit while down their i wouldnt even grow illegaly ha but yea no
    self respecting grower would use raid x more like sum tin like sulfer
    burners and they stop that during flowering so yea and no dipencery would
    buy shit that tastes or smells like raid hahaha

  21. Ederik Schneider says:

    People who support the “War on Drugs” should be an honest and admit that
    they are fighting to prevent people from living they’re own lives. And in
    effect they support a form of “Big Government” control.

  22. Edgar Romero says:

    People we nee dto get to the root of y marijuana is nto legal and thats
    because theres a secet organization going on behind the curtains there goal
    is “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” look it up… it makes sense

  23. viennabandd irrahayes says:

    @scarebear83 – It is not so much folk want to be ‘stoners’ (of course there
    are some but in the main these are uneducated disfranchised kids, who just
    will not attend school & peer pressured into see gangs as a family), as
    much as they just want to relax & feel a little better than when stone cold
    sober. In my experence, the majority of cannabis smokers are in all other
    ways law-abiding citizen’s. I believe intelligent coppers see it this way
    in the main,but then we have police who are bias.irra

  24. 209khmusta says:

    Nigga weed is legit

  25. Katatawnic says:

    @YamahaPhyscho I literally laughed out loud at that portion of the video.

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