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Portland Rising 2. The march: Good Jobs For All 4.16.11

by tom44 on March 18, 2013

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Portland Rising – part 2 of 5 from the march on 4.16.11 in Portland Oregon The protest stops in front of US Bank in this clip Good Jobs For All Full video is…
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Portland Rising – part 5 from the march segment on 4.16.11 in Portland Oegon Good Jobs For All Full video is on Portland Indymedia http://portland.indymedia….
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3 thoughts on “Portland Rising 2. The march: Good Jobs For All 4.16.11

  1. Pamela Pugh says:

    Thanks for posting this. I could not be there but wanted to. I have been out of work sinc August of 2009 and got sold out when MSI laid me and 199 others off and got lower wages in Arkansas because they do not have to pay minimm wage there. I got sold out and cant get hired anywhere due to my bad knees and using a walker. It was not even? my falt-bad car wreck. I have been everywhere and cannot get hired by anyone no matter what. NAAFTA has screwed people over in this town-we are getting blamed.

  2. PortlandsTransport says:

    Were gonna need more than marches to get any sort of action going.
    Civil? disobedience is necessary.

  3. wasy35 says:

    Yeah I had a US bank account, and the fees were ridiculous and constant.?

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