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Portland Jobs with Justice Endorses HR 676

by tom44 on August 5, 2012

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Portland Jobs with Justice Endorses HR 676
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Leading members of the Portland Movement held a forum on climate change justice which was facilitated by the Portland Central-American Solidarity Committee. Members of Portland Jobs with Justice, PCASC, and other environmentally concerned community members attended this event, which covered climate, jobs, equity, social responsibility, and the possible future of a sustainable economy.
Video Rating: 5 / 5
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4 thoughts on “Portland Jobs with Justice Endorses HR 676

  1. mollkatles says:

    So, explain why it is just to leverage the power of the state? to take even more money from taxpayers to pay for your health care?

    Why not just make better life decisions, live within your means, and pay your own way, sort of like being a full fledged adult?

  2. odetomy says:

    Thank you.?

  3. fishysmells says:

    Thanks? for the positive feedback. I hope your town does too. Good luck nudging the precess along.

  4. odetomy says:

    I’m so glad to hear more people and groups are discussing and supporting HR 676!! This is wonderful! I hope my town decides to hold meetings on HR 676 and discuss it openly and fairly. I’ve sent out letters to various people and media, so, I? guess, time will tell.

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