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Police jobs: Becoming A Cop Part 3

by tom44 on May 25, 2014

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The Oral Board Interview and Medical Examination. Getting a law enforcement job is very competitive, and you’ll be going against a lot of people seeking the … – In December 2009, I was privileged to speak before a large group of business professionals and entrepreneurs in Russia…
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27 thoughts on “Police jobs: Becoming A Cop Part 3

  1. schizoidboy says:

    The judge was a surprising segment particularly his insight to law
    enforcement work and the personal nature that is involved when dealing with
    the court.

  2. novoneiro says:

    The tip of the nose advice is great.

  3. John Von Achen says:

    I want to #thank AngelJenaful for sharing this: “So what I needed to see
    today 🙂 I so powerful and uplifting to change our beliefs and go after the
    future that we deserve — such a big lesson for me at the moment to not
    give up and reach my goals :)” Maybe, the most inspirational video ever . .

  4. John Von Achen says:

    I want to thank nahid hamza for sharing this: “Really amazing !!! 3
    minutes in another world !! No comment !!!
    All what I want to say is “BRAVO” for you !!” Maybe, the most inspirational
    video ever . . .?

  5. John Von Achen says:

    I want to #thank hamner555for sharing this: “i have had a dream to play
    professional baseball for years and now i am playing for the high school
    and was nearly giving up but this video has given me hope to succeed in my
    dream and passion for baseball i will do whatever it takes and NOT GIVE
    UP!! thank you so much for this video! :)” Maybe, the most inspirational
    video ever . . .?

  6. sugar love says:

    Stay positive always!!! Thats the way!!!?

  7. John Von Achen says:

    I want to #thank Arshitip for sharing this: “Thank you so much…I used to
    win everything in my life..But I failed 2 times consecutively in 5
    years..No matter what.. I will win again” Maybe, the most inspirational
    video ever . . .?

  8. calcifur isle says:

    in all actuality there are far far more choices, and far many more than
    that that you don’t even have the choice to make. just surviving isn’t a
    choice, it’s only what someone prefers, and succeeding is a choice but
    there are too many ways to do it than to just call it a choice in itself.
    you can’t choose to succeed. there’s something called chance, and you can’t
    surpass it.?

  9. Tanner P says:

    I love how the last line is the catch phrase to Naruto?

  10. Mark Forquer says:

    Thank you for this video. I have been a “nobody” my whole life and am 52
    yrs old and still a nobody. I am a teacher and I don’t make much of a
    difference in anyone’s life but after seeing this video, I WANT to change.?

  11. No Google+ says:

    Holy shit! The generic things every inspirational speaker has ever said
    rolled into one sappy PowerPoint-esque video. I’ve had bowel movements more
    inspiring than this.?

  12. Sunny Skyz says:

    Love this video, please watch..get inspired!?

  13. Emili Santra says:

    Just believe it……..?

  14. Ana Calderon says:
  15. Hmraja says:

    Thank you, this is all I needed to motivate myself for my exam today :)?

  16. Jose Palomino says:

    Maybe, the most inspirational video ever ?

  17. Sybille Hubig says:

    *Never give up*?

  18. Gator Moore says:

    This is kinda cheesy. but I liked it. and it has some good points!?

  19. John Von Achen says:

    I want to #thank determined1482 for sharing this: “Great video. I’ve had
    social anxiety for my whole life and sometimes it can be hell. Nearly
    everyday I feel like giving up, a lot of the times it just feels impossible
    that things will ever change. This is a #great video and well made. I’ve
    been just surviving my whole life and in the past year I’ve decided to
    change. It’s 1000s of times harder than just surviving but it’ll be worth
    the effort in the end. Great video and keep up the good work.” Maybe, the
    most inspirational video ever . . .?

  20. MIND says:


  21. Mariyam Lagrari says:

    *this might make a difference in your day . . . and maybe, just maybe your
    whole year!*?

  22. Kahou Belghache says:


  23. Orient Gibraltar says:

    Inspirational Video?

  24. Autumn~Dreams79 says:

    i hardly ever tasted comfort, i don’t think its a good thing because i feel
    like i am prey to a killer night and day the only thing I’m searching for
    in this world is to find a place were my mother can rest easy stop working
    so hard and just have everything she has ever wanted cause i feel like if i
    am able to do that then i can thank her for the many things she has done
    for me, even that i feel is not enough <3 ?

  25. Oudamseth Samin says:

    Your video make me to become who I am and not someone else.?

  26. ???? ???? ???? says:

    thanks for this video , we need more ….you are great ?

  27. SANDRA ADERONKE Lawal says:

    Your future is in your hands. ?

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