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Police Brutality and Killing : Jail Security Footage of Eugene Gruber – Chicago

by tom44 on April 30, 2014

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“We think he was murdered in the Lake County Jail,” said Eugene Gruber’s cousin, Charles Gruber, formerly a police chief in Elgin and SouthBarrington. full a…

Many issues and challenges arise in medical malpractice cases. George Moscarino will discuss the legal viewpoint, while Howard Nearman will present the point…
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26 thoughts on “Police Brutality and Killing : Jail Security Footage of Eugene Gruber – Chicago

  1. Barnaby Burnham says:

    thats fuck up look like to me the ploice are in the bad?

  2. Barnaby Burnham says:

    and thats why police get died?

  3. will c says:

    Are u fucken kidding me that’s messed poor dude fuck CO!!?

  4. A Cow Named Moodoo says:

    i agree with this decision. Gruber? McGruber? Hmm, leave his hands free and
    theres no telling what make-shift killing devices he could assemble ‘ex
    Support your local police departments and all the murders that will go
    Or dont, cause you wont do anything about it anyways, fuck you!?

  5. Masculine Buddha says:

    “If he’s really paralyzed he will urinate himself.”
    Typical loving and caring response from a female (cunt) nurse.
    I’m so glad Obama completely fucked the health care system over.
    I worked in a hospital for 8 months and can tell you without question
    female doctors and nurses have about as much feeling for the sick and
    dying as corporate lawyers.
    Most deserve to be stripped nude, drug out into the street and shot dead. ?

  6. lairdwells says:

    What thay guy enters police custody fine upright leaves fucking dead and
    not a fucking soul is punished at all in anyway. Was he a peadophole or
    some kind of child killer? What no mmmmmm
    FUCK YOU AMERICA’S FINEST ill stay in the uk. ?

  7. Masculine Buddha says:

    btw, this was a murder not a case of “disorderly conduct”.
    Pause @1:03, the video clearly shows that Gruber’s right hand is UNCUFFED
    Why didn’t the police handcuff Gruber after he was subdued? Because, the
    police didn’t care about making a lawful arrest, they just wanted to beat
    the almighty living shit out of this guy and didn’t realize how far they
    went until it was too late. ?

  8. barron fly says:

    those wankers that caused most of the world to crash into recession m b u
    sould have a go at then 1st pal.

  9. ridor9th says:


  10. Lucien Raphael says:

    YEah I remember when the police of my country rounded up Indians and sent
    them to work in mine because they were Indian. You think it is so bad in
    America you have no idea what other countries are like

  11. 19460cars says:

    The Land Of The Free!

  12. Lucien Raphael says:

    Oh the police that genocide Indians? Yeah I totally trust those police you
    ignorant American

  13. MrCritinchiken says:

    so location = justification?

  14. Ricardo Falconi says:

    This guy is 51 years old and so skinny for God sake, why did they have to
    use so much force to subdue someone that old???? It shows the lack of
    criteria that a police officer should have, are they watching too many
    Steven Seagal or Mel Gibson movies???? And Americans pay for this with
    taxes, unbelievable shit

  15. Vada Ann says:

    Fuck the police!

  16. Team1001000 says:

    he’s a goner

  17. Paulsonkj says:

    Goodluck to have experience with American police!

  18. Sam Molesso says:

    They took our jobs!!

  19. says:

    At Stop 5:41 the 2 police officers standing by the cell doors are laughing?
    Seriously? And most police officers complain that the community gives them
    no respect…

  20. epilef anomrac says:

    any update on this story? would love to know….. also what did charles
    gruber who is an ex-police chief do? doesn’t he have an inside info about
    this disgracing incident?

  21. Richard Perkins says:

    This was murder and every single officer in that hallway and the nurse
    should have all been or should be charged as murderers or accessories to
    murder, plain and simple.

  22. Paulsonkj says:


  23. zrah1092 says:

    Why do you talk about Americans? People in your country are indeed fucked
    as well

  24. miguel oconner says:

    ok wat happen with the cops kill the man ?

  25. kinninigan says:

    they will goto their masonic lodges and suck lucifers cock for a good job
    done treating a human like a piece of shit and killing him

  26. Forum Network says:

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