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plse Medical assistant jobs in albany Ny?

by tom44 on July 2, 2012

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Question by qwety t: plse Medical assistant jobs in albany Ny?
hello . plse i just graduated from a MA program it seem very hard for me to get a job cuz i never work in the usa before and and i sent my application to most position avaible online but still did not get a job yet ,, so plse if any one have any tip of how to get a job or any know small practice hospital plse tell me the location ,,, so i can get something to pay my loans thx for helping God bless

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Answer by life
IM a medical assistant for 1 year since I left school did not find a job as MA they ask for experices besides intership ,how are we supose to have experience I sorry t tell you ,but we choose the wrong thing . I have a 8k loan to pay back with no job , but just in case go to go under your state name and under medical health jobs maybe u ll be able to find something and even if you dont have experience say yes because u leraned it but u just need to practice good luck

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