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Pls help with choice of summer classes?

by tom44 on September 12, 2012

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Question by Cas: Pls help with choice of summer classes?
I’m a male freshman in a community college in Maryland and i’m taking non-developmental courses in English, Math, and Biology. What classes should i take to get a skill that can get me a well paying job and does not take too long to do.(Like CNA). I’ll be going to the healthcare field. Pls help.

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Answer by REnate
Take CNA

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2 thoughts on “Pls help with choice of summer classes?

  1. Cherry Valentine says:

    ROTC and then join the military as an officer in the medical field. The military will pay for your training. Lots of vets need your help!!

  2. Gudsud55 says:

    Retail Marketing.

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