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please help! i need to know the steps I’m doing for nursing, is it the right steps?!!!!!!!?

by tom44 on September 13, 2012

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Question by : please help! i need to know the steps I’m doing for nursing, is it the right steps?!!!!!!!?
hi everybody! i need a little help. i wanted to go into the medical field, but i am unsure about the steps I’m taking, are they the right steps?i want to work as an LVN but eventually become a RN. i talked to my counselor over at my community college, but they were no help at all. one of the counselor gave me the wrong steps, and i had to figure it out on my own. i also went to 2 different counselor, they looked at me like i was stupid for even asking that question, so now I’m trying it on here. so I’ve heard in order to become a LVN there are some pre-req that they want before. so far i know that you have to take a Health care Essential class, then after that your allowed to go into one of the CNA program. this fall ill be taking the health-care essential class over at the health occupation center. after that i am planning on going into a CNA program( i believe after those 2, i have to take a TEAS test). for fall 2011 I’m planning on taking the LVN program over at San Diego city college, where they offer a nursing program( during the LVN program i was planning to take one or two class requirements for my general Ed, because i heard to be a RN you need to have your general ed completed ). after I’m done with my LVN program i would like to work in a hospital part time while trying to finish up my general ed class. after I’m done with that, San Diego city college offer a bridge program which is the LVN-RN. i wanted to know, are the steps that i am taking the right steps? the reason why i want to work as a LVN first is because i wanted to have a bit of income coming in while trying to finish my general ed, so i can qualify for the LVN-RN program. so i mapped out a career plan for myself. please tell me is this right.. health care essential class (fall 2010)- CNA program (spring 2011)- LVN program (fall 2011-2012) work as a LVN for awhile, while finishing general ed. after that i would have my associate degree and would qualify for the LVN-RN bridge program and once i complete that i can find a better job as an RN and make better money. please remember, i am not stopping at LVN. i want to work as a LVN while going to school just to have some income. Another question. San Diego City college LVN program said that i needed 100 of ROP done. what exactly is that? PLEASE HELP ME!

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Answer by Moon Crystal
I’ve never heard of needing pre reqs for CNA training, but if that’s the case…

It makes sense to become a CNA to make sure you can handle the dirty, back breaking work. No, the dirty work does NOT go away once you become a nurse. A good nurse will roll up their sleeves and don their gloves when need be.

It also makes sense to become an LPN/LVN before bridging to RN if you need a job that pays well ASAP and if the waiting lists for all the RN programs in the area are insane (I live in Oregon, so I know all about the waiting lists and I need a career that pays well yesterday). LPN/LVN programs don’t seem to have waiting lists from what I’ve notices. All I have to say about becoming an LVN in California is that their scope of practice is small, but so is the RN’s scope of practice in California.

Best of luck

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One thought on “please help! i need to know the steps I’m doing for nursing, is it the right steps?!!!!!!!?

  1. pickledcookie says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t read that huge block of text. I think below should answer some of your questions.

    Straight off the website for SDCC are the requirements for the LVN program.

    • High School Diploma or GED completion, or equivalent;
    • Successful completion of a Nursing Assistant program and CNA certification from the California Department of Health Services, and
    • Successful completion Regional Occupational Program (ROP) Healthcare Essentials course, or equivalent. Successful completion includes completing at least 88 hours of the Health Care Essentials course.
    • Effective Spring 2009: Completion of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) with a score of 67% or higher.

    For their regular LVN to RN program prerequisites are anatomy, physiology, microbio, “american institutions,” phys ed, and math competency.

    Below are the PDFs for both programs. They show the curricula and the RN program has an email for you to contact with questions.

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