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PLEASE HELP I need to get a Medical Assistant job in DC area?

by tom44 on June 13, 2012

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Question by : PLEASE HELP I need to get a Medical Assistant job in DC area?
I’m 28 going on 29. I graduated from a 9 month Medical Assisting program and I’m having a hard time finding a job.

I’m constantly sending out my resume (which my career rep at school said was highly impressive) but not one call back. I was sure to include all my skills, my 4.0 grade average, perfect attendance, and etc. But nothing. Not even a call for an interview.

My issues are:

I’m not certified but I do have a diploma
I can’t afford my own transportation ( I take public which is just as reliable)
I’m not comfortable in phlebotomy but I’m willing to learn (blood draws)
and I have only 9 months of school experience and 1 month experience in an actual doctors office(160 hour externship)

But what frustrates me is I go to the doctors on a regular and a lot of the medical assistants have all the same issues as me and even more but they still seem to find a job. A lot of them are very unprofessional or not as knowledgeable and they still have a job.

It seems you have to know someone to get a job around here and I know no one in the medical field.

I can’t afford to go back to school because I owe a lot of school loans as it is. I just want to work. I’m very smart, dependable, friendly, patient, calm under pressure and very compassionate. I have all the qualities a medical assistant should have but no one is willing to give me a chance.

I’m so frustrated looking for a job I just broke down and cried my eyes out today. When I ask people how they got a job they tell me to just fill out an application and that’s it. I get very minimal help as if they don’t want me to help me.

What am I doing wrong, is there anyone in the DC area who works as a medical assistant that can give me pointers of landing a job. That would help me out A LOT!!! Thanks so much.

Best answer:

Answer by LabSean
There is a company called HealthCare Connections, Inc. They specialize in placement for medical/health/lab professionals. It’s a free nation wide service, they take into considerations all of your qualifications and if there is something out there for you they find it. They also the this travel placement where they provide a car and pay for your cost of living. That might be right up your ally. I say give them a shot. Their number is on the website as well.

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