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“PLASTIC WIVES” Reality Show Debuts on TLC

by tom44 on May 26, 2013

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“Plastic Wives” Reality Show Debuts on TLC Plastic Wives is the latest in TLC’s shocking reality shows. As John Basedow reports, this one-hour special, premi…
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21 thoughts on ““PLASTIC WIVES” Reality Show Debuts on TLC

  1. JohnBasedow1 says:

    Thanks? Ro!

  2. Rowena4364 says:

    I wlll not be watching..Great job Jb @buzz60!!! @johnbasedow is the best! proud #stewcrew? member! Love to Patrick too!

  3. FollowMikeyHD says:

    TLC (former? initialism for The Learning Channel) is an American cable TV specialty channel owned by Discovery Communications. Initially focused on educational content, by 2001 the network began to primarily focus towards reality-style series involving lifestyles, family life, and personal stories.[1] – straight from Wikipedia.

  4. JohnBasedow1 says:

    That it? is.

  5. JohnBasedow1 says:


  6. JohnBasedow1 says:

    There ya? go.

  7. JohnBasedow1 says:

    I never heard that. They’re definitely following the shocktastic show format of MTV and other nets though.?

  8. JohnBasedow1 says:


  9. JohnBasedow1 says:

    They’re racking? up.

  10. JohnBasedow1 says:


  11. JohnBasedow1 says:

    Put a pic in that icon? square, man! 🙂

  12. JohnBasedow1 says:

    Haha…you always bring the? funny.

  13. megamanmtv says:

    Not just no but hell no.? Lol

  14. JimInPA74 says:

    I love ya JB but you wouldn’t catch? me dead watching that show or any of the “wives” shows

  15. JMUGA says:

    jb jb jb jbbbbbb? kicks buttttt

  16. ElektraKnight says:

    How? many wives shows can there be? 🙂

  17. Ryan Lane says:

    I stopped watching? TLC when Honey Boo Boo started.

  18. FollowMikeyHD says:

    Wasn’t TLC like KCET back in the day? I think they got? smart and reinvented it’s network and started becoming like MTV and such…

  19. John Watson says:

    Well, I’ll bet TLC will come up with? a show called, “Country Husbands”. A show about guys married to gals of country music.

  20. kramcas2 says:

    Fake Wives a show about men who are in relationships with sex dolls.?

  21. aditorium1 says:

    It gets me so angry when a women is not serious? about the pole it’s serious business !

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