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Phoenix HELP!!!! Moving?

by tom44 on May 18, 2014

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Question by Jordan: Phoenix HELP!!!! Moving?
Ok, so i was thinking about moving to Phoenix. All i want to know is whats it like living in Phoenix? How are the people there? I know about the sun so thats good for me. I LOVE the heat so thats ok. I have to get away from my snowy winters in New Jersey. So yeah are there any racism? Sports is a must for me so thats why Phoenix is on my list. I don’t care how good the teams are, as long as there are sports. How is the crime in Phoenix? What are some neighborhoods in Phoenix that are pretty cheap, but not dirt cheap? And are there any natural disasters there like earthquakes or tornadoes or anything like that there? So pretty much I need to know everything there is about Phoenix.

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Answer by Goggles51Girl
I live in Gilbert so I think its all the same to me. There are a lot of white people and you gotta love football =P

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One thought on “Phoenix HELP!!!! Moving?

  1. Dick Fundork says:

    Living in Phoenix is not that great.

    Negatives: summer heat, traffic, crime, low-paying jobs, foreclosed houses, pollution, limited and polluted water supply, poor education system, snakes, sprawl, limited public transportation, limited cultural opportunities, monsoons, and no real downtown.

    Positives: great winter weather, cheap housing (due to foreclosures), does not have the East Coast grime and decay, great outdoor sports, biking trails, efficient freeways (minus the traffic), and the sun.

    Racism is everywhere and Phoenix is no exception. There’s definitely less diversity in Arizona than New Jersey and more racism and it’s primarily directed towards Hispanics (especially illegals).

    There’s more crime in Phoenix than New Jersey (exception Camden) and auto break ins are very high.

    I lived in Scottsdale and do not know too much about the rest of the Valley, but South Scottsdale was reasonable and the west side of Phoenix is cheaper than the East Valley.

    No tornadoes or hurricanes, but there are monsoons, dust-storms, and a lot of flash flooding.

    Overall, it’s a great place to visit, or possibly retire, but I would not move there to get established.

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