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Philadelphia custody case but moving to Delaware and I want to modify my custody arrangement.?

by tom44 on September 1, 2013

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Question by Jaye: Philadelphia custody case but moving to Delaware and I want to modify my custody arrangement.?
I have full legal custody and share physical custody of my godson. My uncle and I share physical custody on a weekly basis. The mother has visitation but hasn’t seen the child in over a year, to my knowledge. I am moving this week. I plan to keep my godson in school in Philadelphia until the end of the year. But I have made arrangements for him to attend camp in Delaware. My current custody agreement is to split the week with my uncle. However we do not because he is incapable of getting the child to school on time the only school day that he does have him and has a background of doing so with him before I had custody. I would still like for my uncle to see the child but I don’t want him to have custody or have any decision making rights. My uncle is currently living in section 8 housing illegally the lease is only for his girlfriend and her grandsons which are my godsons half brothers. If we went to court he could not provide a lease proving his residence. I am moving into a house that my boyfriend bought so we can save money for our future plans and vacations. My uncle is not employed but collects disability. He is always asking me for for school clothes so he doesn’t have to buy it. I have a full time job 9-5 working some days from home to accommodate my godsons schedule. I provide everything for him except medical insurance. He is on my uncles. I currently have him in an all boys choir that he enjoys but when my uncle has him he doesn’t take him. I also have reason to believe my uncle is on someone else’s prescription meds again but I can’t currently prove it. He also allows my godson to play adult rated video games and movie that I do not approve of. Are these reasonable grounds for changing the custody order? Do I need to provide a lease if my boyfriend owns the house we live in? How can I validate my suspicion of drug abuse? Can my uncle obtain physical or legal custody if I am a better financial provider and can offer my godson a better childhood?

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Answer by Kelly
As best as I understand you would need the court’s permission to move the child out of state. Until that is granted the other concerns are moot.

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One thought on “Philadelphia custody case but moving to Delaware and I want to modify my custody arrangement.?

  1. MomSezNo says:

    Well, this isn’t a travel question. I didn’t read the details, because this is a legal question and you don’t want to be getting legal advice from random strangers at Yahoo Answers. You need to see a lawyer.

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