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Paul Ryan: Washington’s Debt Directly Hurts Jobs Creation

by tom44 on November 24, 2013

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Rep. Paul Ryan told a CBS News townhall the debt Washington’s reckless spending is creating directly hurts job creation by causing uncertainty in the economy.
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8 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: Washington’s Debt Directly Hurts Jobs Creation

  1. Steven Mertz says:

    Hey, Douchebag Ryan. Sounds like a solution would be to tax them now then,
    so they can quit sitting on the money, It can then go into the economy
    DUH…. haven’t you noticed after 30 years? Trickle down only means they
    trickle shit down on the rest of us like brown rain

  2. mrtomsr says:

    Investment comes from savings, not consumption. That is still a valid
    lesson from Macro101

  3. tbwil11 says:

    raising taxes on”the rich”only encourages them to move the money that would
    be driving the economic? recovery instead to tax shelters and municipal tax
    free bonds where they will earn more by not incurring the additional costs
    of higher tax rates. It will most certainly NOT result in an increase in
    revenues to the fed. When taxes were cut in the 20’s, revenues rose 61%,
    when JFK cut them in the 60’s, revenues rose 62%, when Reagan cut taxes in?
    the 80’s, revenues rose 99.4%.

  4. MopoDC says:

    I am so upset with Rep Paul Ryan because he is always crying & lying about
    the high tax rate when he knows that’s not the case today. Not one time did
    he talk about innovation of any kind. You would think he is not part of
    government because the mess has existed since. MoPoDC

  5. poindexterwitkowsky says:

    peoples’ taxes go up, their wages go up. This is called “WAGE INFLATION”
    The opposite is true when taxes go down for the working class.. When taxes
    go down for the wealthiest there is a sudden surge in the markets followed
    by a GREAT DEPRESSION. Examples of this: Great Depression(1929), Reagan and
    Bush Jr, era depressions.******* CONCLUSION: Higher taxes create
    prosperity, lower taxes create economic DEPRESSIONS. ^~^~^

  6. Vetwolf13 says:

    Ryan’s plan would give billions more to the insurance companies via
    vouchers. And where does the money for those vouchers come from? You and
    me, that’s who! Can you say CORPORATE WELFARE??? This nigger (Ryan) should
    know better! F U Ryan and the rest of your corporate slave (GOP) buddies!
    These cock suckers have put a for sale sign on our asses and we’re being
    sold way cheap to corporate America! Everyone of these niggers has to go
    next election!!!

  7. AEinsteinSr says:

    Add a temporary 100% tax to IMPORTS, good untill we pay the debt.

  8. jukasjarvi says:

    Someone please tell Ryan that the USA went off the gold std in 1933, and
    that the very definition of a fiat currency issuer means it does NOT need
    “revenue”. Duh! And certainly not from taxes. Did he even go to school?
    Look up “fiat” in a dictionary.

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