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Part 1 of 3: Full Footage of Planned Parenthood Tennessee Investigation

by tom44 on November 12, 2014

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25 thoughts on “Part 1 of 3: Full Footage of Planned Parenthood Tennessee Investigation

  1. AshleyH777 says:

    @LiveActionFilms I don’t feel like you’re listening to me. My local FQHC is
    out of funding. The only health plans available for me have unaffordable
    premiums and large deductibles. I think you are out of touch with what it’s
    like to have an entry-level job with no health insurance and student loans.

  2. 777ILOVEJESUS says:

    Pro life is against Planned Parenthood because the the racist history the
    founder has. Yes it’s true that Planned P. provides other services not just
    abortions and they will gladly remove your uterus to exterminate your race,
    more if you’re african american. That’s their goal. I’m just telling you
    the truth.

  3. AshleyH777 says:

    @ariaane It’s amazing that a fossil that stills uses ideas like
    “barrenhood” can even use a computer. Congratulations, throwback!

  4. Fleefles says:

    So, you think its okay for Planned Parenthood to coverup rapes so that a
    minor can get an abortion without parental consent? Also, “home abortions”
    were incredibly rare and the numbers greatly exaggerated. Still, you think
    its fine to let a sexual predator free to abuse more girls just because of
    the incredibly slim chance they are actually moronic enough to give
    themselves a coat hanger abortion?

  5. L. Lomasky says:

    I agree that Planned Parenthood does a lot of good work. Friends of mine
    used them for prenatal care (none of them got abortions). However, you are
    wrong about one thing. These investigators are not the ones making it
    harder for PP to care for teens. Planned Parenthood is doing that to itself
    by breaking the law and engaging in disgusting and immoral practices, as
    demonstrated here.

  6. carlos kadukao says:

    great video!! great job exposing this killing of babies!! people lets pray
    for help, but lets put our faith to work by doing something to support them
    exposing this truth, lets all get involved with this cause to change the
    law, sign the petition, lets be a voice for this babies,we can send the
    petition to everybody in our email list or Facebook and everywhere we can.?

  7. CIDaily says:

    FACT: Planned Parenthood is the #1 abortion mill in the country doing over
    750 human abortions a day. They are also the biggest lobby group for
    abortion. So if they want to get support for their org, they should drop
    abortions. It is their fault.

  8. DavidCasper says:

    “It’s actually a really great organization that offers a lot more than just
    abortions.” The Nazi regime provided plenty of food, clothing, respect,
    advancement opportunities, and all that sort of thing to its followers. Why
    was it evil? Not because it did those things, but because it killed Jews.
    Why is Planned Parenthood evil? Not because it provides health care, but
    because it kills babies, evidently commits felonies, and covers it all up.
    Nothing can justify that.

  9. AshleyH777 says:

    You’re a liar. No doctor would suggest that a home-administered CA125 test
    alone could be used to definitively diagnose cancer. And did you really say
    “The location of the cancer has nothing to do with the type of cancer”?
    You, a doctor? Give me a break. What a fraud.

  10. AshleyH777 says:

    @LiveActionFilms Have you heard? The economy’s suffering.

  11. AshleyH777 says:

    @LiveActionFilms I tried that. My local health center is out of funding.

  12. huskerluver25 says:

    I know!!! I’m waiting until marriage!!!! I’m not too psyched about Obama
    becoming president because he is pro-choice!!!

  13. AshleyH777 says:

    @LiveActionFilms They’re also full of homeless people and you have to take
    a day off work to wait for a chance to see a nurse practitioner there. I
    want to make an appointment in a nice place, have a Pap test that’s
    affordable, and make it to work on time. Planned Parenthood enables that —
    while it’s funded. I don’t think I’m asking for so much. Although health
    insurance through my job would be nice!

  14. BoredIslandGirl says:

    @Nicholbags25 Planned Parenthood also offers vital healthcare services to
    women who cannot afford it. Whatever your position on abortion, shouldn’t
    that also be taken into account when thinking of cutting funding?

  15. 777ILOVEJESUS says:

    Planned Parenthood wants to exterminate the black and hispanic community.
    If it were up to Planned Parenthood the human race would of been
    exterminated a long time ago.

  16. alibugbug says:

    @AshleyH777 why subject to such invasive procedures to test for cervical
    cancer? just get the blood test, they do those at women’s clinics free

  17. Live Action says:

    We had to mute the audio so as not to incur liability for sharing personal
    information of the Planned Parenthood worker that could be deemed
    embarrassing. Note that we have sent full united tapes to Tennessee legal

  18. Live Action says:

    @AshleyH777 There are about 7,000 federally qualified health centers across
    the country that offers way more comprehensive services than PP does. There
    are also thousands and thousands of other providers that aren’t directly
    federally funded but accept medicaid as PP does. In addition most counties
    have their own health centers that offer free to low cost services
    directly. In short you have many, many options.

  19. Live Action says:

    @bricitybrac Planned Parenthood did no contact the FBI after this video
    release. The video was created in 2009. Please provide documentation
    showing PP contacted FBI in 2009 because it isn’t there so stop making
    false claims.

  20. ClauZee90 says:

    @AshleyH777 I cant get medicaid eighter! im not legal in the US (doesnt
    bother me btw bc ive been here since i was 4 yrs old im 22 now) I have 2
    kids and a lot of bills n still work myself to a discount program! theres
    tons of help out there u just have to look!!!! dont restrict urself to
    things!! theres ways =)

  21. Zachary Snyder says:

    Wow…and I fucking live in Memphis, TN.

  22. Live Action says:

    @ReignbowSmite I can’t get your link to open. I can tell you, Planned
    Parenthood admitted in the media that they did not report the incident
    recorded in this video above from Tennessee. Google “Planned Parenthood
    Memphis digs hole deeper” “Memphis Planned Parenthood Could Face
    Investigation Over Alleged Statutory Rape Cover-Up”

  23. Julie Bonk says:

    @Nicholbags25 enjoy a society full of unhealthy young people who are unable
    to receive checkups/birth control/sexual reproductive health care.

  24. Live Action says:

    Planned Parenthood is a non-profit corporation, that said, in recent years
    they have taken in a significant amount of funds over what they expend.
    They also receive much of their funding from the federal government and
    state governments.

  25. Nicholbags25 says:

    Planned Parenthood must NEVER again receive my tax dollars.

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