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Over 5,000 Attend Stephen Colbert Rally at the College of Charleston — Herman Cain Rally Super PAC

by tom44 on June 30, 2014

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Stephen Colbert’s “THE ROCK ME LIKE A HERMAN CAIN: SOUTH CAIN-OLINA PRIMARY RALLY” filled the College of Charleston’s historic Cistern Yard. Over 5000 peopl…
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24 thoughts on “Over 5,000 Attend Stephen Colbert Rally at the College of Charleston — Herman Cain Rally Super PAC

  1. pismodude2 says:

    @wjaiv Well he’s not running anymore so probably. That’s what I would do.

  2. College of Charleston says:

    @CollegeofCharleston The video is called: Stephen Colbert & Herman Cain —
    FULL SPEECHES — Rally in South Carolina College of Charleston CofC

  3. wjaiv says:

    Cain showed up? Did he know it’s all a joke?

  4. College of Charleston says:

    We just posted Stephen Colbert’s and Herman Cain’s full speeches in full HD
    on the College’s YouTube channel. Check it out!

  5. Commandoj251 says:

    pure awesomeness.

  6. BrendanPaulJames says:

    Stephen Colbert for president!

  7. Kurt Vachon says:

    Is there any more videos of his entrance with the band. Thats glorious.

  8. delayedmuffin says:

    I want some Sweet and Spicy Dorritos now.

  9. College of Charleston says:

    Sure! Check out this student shot video of the Colbert Rally:

  10. Alex DiBiase says:


  11. Brian Vazquez says:


  12. Aaron Gottlieb says:

    Stephen Colbert …smarter than any of the republican candidates. He’s the

  13. slenderlatina says:

    COLBERT 2012!

  14. Christine Von Lossberg says:

    Hope Herman knows it’s satire. Love Steven!

  15. walexia says:

    @Charmaineprice LOL did you actually think this was a serious campaign or
    endorsement for Herman cain?? lol you really need to watch stephen colberts
    show to understand this.

  16. skatealex1 says:

    I hope people aren’t stupid enough to waste their vote on Colbert, i like
    him but it’s a waste of a vote. This isn’t a football game. Ron Paul will
    end our endless wars and get Government out of our private lives with bills
    like SOPA and regulating the internet!

  17. SuperBullaMan says:

    What’s Up With The Choir???

  18. jacovc1986 says:

    colbert is the best

  19. Mr131211109876543210 says:

    Look at those eyes…lol

  20. HollywoodME says:

    If this doesn’t make everyone happy, I don’t know what will.

  21. Charmaine Price says:

    Why endorse and champion Herman Cain? Mr. Cain is a serial woman abuser
    wasting taxpayers time,energy with his self-absorbed, egotistical,
    underqualified, obnoxious run for president. Why give him anymore air time?
    Mr. Colberts is shameful pandering to a backward, sexist, overbearing
    ex-candidate.. It is beneath the standard of the excellence his fans
    expect. It makes him look like he condones sexual harrassment, which, any
    woman with self-respect will tell you, is an instant deal breaker.

  22. MaxxxWellz says:


  23. JohnHardThomasMisterGame FourthEarlOfTheSandwich says:

    I should have gone to that….damn it

  24. StanwoodSpartans says:

    look at the ladys with the doritoes bags in the window.

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