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Opinions on psychology & computer majors?

by tom44 on April 19, 2014

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Question by lindsay: Opinions on psychology & computer majors?
I’m a senior in high school, going to college next year I was considering majoring in psychology and minoring in computer forensics. (computer related crimes/ cyber crimes) but I’m unsure.

I like psychology, media, and computers, but i dont know if theres any jobs available, or if I have alot of options with this decision. Is this a good major/minor? or is it too specific?

any opinions would be great!

Best answer:

Answer by Norma
I think you are making a good choice. Psychology is great and it can be applied readily to computer forsensics. It’s too early to worry about a job now. Wait until your Junior year in college to begin searching. If you do well in school you will find a job. Better yet you will have the opportunity to open your own business or work as a consultant. Work hard and good luck.

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