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Opinions needed for family and new location. Colorado or Washington?

by tom44 on April 27, 2013

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Question by Eric W: Opinions needed for family and new location. Colorado or Washington?
My family and I have gone through alot. Losing everything from our buiz to a haste decision and moved everyone to Arizona. And the small town we live in has been going down itself. I cant afford to do this to my kids. We need to make sure this next move is the one that we can relax and let my kids finish growing. At this time, in the research and questions I have asked others. Im thinking about Spokane Washington, or Colorado Springs Colorado. I made my mind on WA just for the piece of mind of wages starting at $ 8.55 and then CO was mainley because it would be like $ 700 cheaper on the move. And I think I passed by a newspaper somewhere online that said they had the 4th best econimey. But dont quote me on that.

Any Ideas would be a life time HELP. We have 4 girls. 19 months, 10, 11, and 16 year old. Over my growing years I have never forgotten the kindness of the people in Kansas, but I dont recall there being alot of jobs in Waterville KS. What im looking for is somewhere I may grow my mobile service business again, my wife can find a decent retail or CNA hospital job or pharmacy. And my children can have a chance to grow in a town they can have a chance to grow with. Like work, people, and just the basics that everyone should strive for and that the bible teaches people. No matter what. I am going to make sure my children can grow and plant there roots.

Any ideas or info one either one or evin other places would be a lot of help.

My wife and I are both x business owners, before that she had always done retail work. And I have dont grunt work. From greenhorn AC installing (HVAC), laying carpet, and being a father of 4 honorole students, there is not a job on this planet that I cant do. When we first moved to Bullhead City AZ, I evin sold myself to a Chef and gave a shot as a line cook in Laughlin NV.

A New Respect for cooks since that time. hehehe

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Answer by Gypsy
I love washington because it is so peaceful and not so crowded. Colorado is beautiful too and has better economy. Probably more jobs there.

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One thought on “Opinions needed for family and new location. Colorado or Washington?

  1. youthpastor1955 says:

    Tough call. I live in Spokane but Colorado Springs is beautiful too. Jobs are tough here to find though, so keep that in mind. I don’t know how the job market is in Colorado.

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