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Online classes to get my CNA?

by tom44 on August 5, 2012

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Question by kreskin1206: Online classes to get my CNA?
I am going to school to be a doctor. I want to get my in at the hospital and get my CNA. But I’m not sure where i can go to get my certifacation. I live in Maine, and let’s face it, there’s not much up here. I am already a college student with two jobs so you can imagine i don’t have a whole lot of time to add on another class. I was thinking about taking the online class through the University of Phoenix Online… would have be a reliable class or would i be wasting my money?

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Answer by jacki
To become a good certified nurse aide you have to do it with first hand experience or it will be a waste of you time it has techniques, and procedures to follow that you can’t just read you have to live and learn to pull it off.

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One thought on “Online classes to get my CNA?

  1. Brandon W says:

    There are no reliable CNA courses provided online…mainly because clinical hours are required in addition to the classroom hours.

    I took a couple classes from Univ of Phoenix, and I was not impressed at all…not to mention they are fighting with me over a couple classes that I dropped, but they still want me to pay for them…hassle city.

    Anyway, check with the local hospital and see if they have any resources for CNA Training Programs. Most hospitals and/or Nursing Homes have their own CNA training programs.

    Also, you can get in touch with the Maine State Board of Nursing for programs….

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