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Ok, what’s your opinion of Atlanta?

by tom44 on May 21, 2014

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Question by MeepMeep: Ok, what’s your opinion of Atlanta?
If you could tell anyone considering living here anything, what would it be? How is the job market, how is the cost of living, etc? THANKS!!

Best answer:

Answer by Meredith
The job market isn’t great; unemployment still lags behind the national average. However — depending upon your field — there are jobs to be had. For example, friends in the medical field are finding work, and engineering continues to be relatively strong. I know people who recently found computer type work with large companies.

The cost of living is relative. I moved from NY and formerly lived in California. Both are expensive areas. Atlanta in comparison is affordable. I was also impressed with the amenities at many apt. complexes here: swimming pools, community rooms, gyms, great laundry facilities, etc. One can have a comfortable life in Atlanta.

In the 18 years I’ve been here, Atlanta has grown. In some ways this is good — but in others …. the infrastructure is tapped. I’m an advocate of pursuing one’s dream — but I think it should be done in an organized and realistic way. If you want to relocate, come down, check out the area — and make sure you have enough in savings to keep you afloat until you find employment.

Good luck!

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One thought on “Ok, what’s your opinion of Atlanta?

  1. sup says:

    job market..idk

    cost of living… depends where.. not too bad

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