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Ok if California as such a high unemployment rate why are people finding jobs?

by tom44 on March 19, 2014

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Question by Riley Smith: Ok if California as such a high unemployment rate why are people finding jobs?
I live in LA and i found a job and it was not that hard and im going through college so i dont have a degree all i had to do is go apply, go to an interview show the employer my resume and then 3 weeks later i got the job
My friend has a job in Sacramento
My cousin who just turned 18 found a job in San Francisco
My uncle works at a construction company and he didnt get layed off

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Answer by ??D D??
My aunt got her hours cut off.
My mom just got laid off.
My aunt got laid off (and they say jobs in engineering are endless) and my uncle’s at risk.
It took me a year to find a job so I can say “ADIOS!” to my old job.

You just got lucky, ESPECIALLY your uncle because my friend’s dad is in construction and many workers got laid off. So many people are struggling.

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2 thoughts on “Ok if California as such a high unemployment rate why are people finding jobs?

  1. maliboo_girl says:

    Sure, people are still being hired, but the time it takes to find a job is generally much longer now than it was a few years ago. Very skilled people with good resumes and recommendations get laid off or fired and have a hard time finding a job. Also, not as many employees are being hired as had been for years, and the wages are much lower for the same exact jobs than they would have been a few years ago. The unemployment rate is actually usually worse than what is stated, because people who have been unemployed for a long time and are no longer eligible for benefits are often not counted in the unemployment numbers, as the numbers are an approximation from a sample survey.

    That’s great you found a job, but 3 weeks for a low level job is a long time to wait to get hired, in the past it would have been the next day or so. Three weeks is what it used to take to hire an attorney, when they have to do a background check, check with previous employers, run credit and criminal history, check on cases/clients that might present a conflict of interest, check on the applicants book of business to make sure it will follow them to the new firm, have partners at several offices give their opinion on the applicant, have the attorney come in for at least 2 interviews with different partners, etc.

    Lots of people have stories about friends and family who are having good luck in the job market. (And really, often it is a matter of luck, or being in the right place at the right time. Good people are jobless.) My dh got a nice raise and a bump in position which equals more points of the profit. One of my friends was laid off from his 19 year long job at a major studio (sleazy, they laid him off to avoid a bump in his retirement funding at 20 years), he’s not in good health, older, really grouchy (but a good person), and he found a similar job at another studio (in 4 weeks), but making $ 85,000 instead of $ 100,000. He’s someone who most would think would have almost an impossible time finding a job, but he did, he’s an expert in his field. I have more work than I want, so I hired another employee. My teen son and his friends all got summer jobs without a problem. Of course people are still being hired, but it isn’t like it was. Some jobs just disappeared when companies went out of business, or less employees are doing the job that more used to do. Like a legal secretary at a big firm can make $ 90,000 a year, but now she has to work for 4 or 5 attorneys, instead of one or two.

    The cost of living has gone up, and wages have gone down. Many people are taking jobs they wouldn’t have a few years ago, but usually any job is better than no job.

    Here is a LA Times article; More jobs available, but at lower wages:

    Congrats on the new job!

  2. A Hunch says:

    The Los Angeles unemployment rate is about 12%. That means 12% of people who want to work can’t find jobs. That means that 88% of the people who want jobs have jobs.

    Additionally, most of the jobs that are unavailable right now are professional jobs. You can go into any store and people are still buying or you go to any moderate or nice restaurant and there is still a long wait = these places need employees so if you are willing to work for $ 10 or less than are plenty of jobs to be had.

    If you are a professional employee, generally in the administrative field, these positions are the ones that have been greatly downsized (say if you were earning $ 60K-$ 125K). The companies have also learned to do with less so are no re-hiring now that the economy has improved. Although these people might take the low wage earner jobs, they are still part of the unemployment statistics because they are considered “under-employed” (earning a significant amount less than they were previously).

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