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Occupy Portland Protester Chains Arm Inside Concrete Filled Barrel

by tom44 on May 17, 2013

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Follow up: I’ve captured Occupy Portland members on video telling me that this is a hoax and that the people chained inside the barrel are switched out regul…
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25 thoughts on “Occupy Portland Protester Chains Arm Inside Concrete Filled Barrel

  1. tayshna dupree says:

    i rembwerthat day i was like what when the kids were switching out i rember and old friend came to telling me that one of are friends chaind themselves up for this?

  2. Stellectis2014 says:

    they will but you in jail for? that in texas.

  3. babytoy90 says:

    If you knew this kid then? you might really like him cause i didn’t but now were cool

  4. babytoy90 says:

    Dam That My Boy EEEEE?

  5. tinydream says:

    Politics aside, if this is real or even if he stays there for many hours, how does he go to the bathroom? That’s all? I can think about.

  6. Bryan Eddy says:

    While I think its a stupid stunt Im proud? of Justin Beiber for taking a stand.
    This is what stupidity looks like.

  7. Jordo713 says:

    What a joke…the guy that said spoiled attention seeking kid was right on the? money! Which is the story for 99% of the occupy movement! A bunch of clueless, lazy, entitlement driven, waste of a social security number! I actually backed y’all at the start until I realized what y’all were really all about. You want college paid for? Do like me and join the military if not do like my wife and pay for it your damn self! Same with healthcare and the other freebies you want the taxpayer to fund!

  8. otacon451 says:

    I wonder if they stopped? oppression yet?

  9. Charles Hammond Jr says:

    I’m sorry… this was dumb. You never do anything with potential risk to yourself without planning things through completely and having contingencies… and you always look for potential risks… like getting your arm stuck in a concrete? filled barrel that’s 4 times heavier than yourself.

    How you folks are going to over come the so-called ‘1 percent’ when you can’t think through things like this is beyond me.

  10. meh says:

    why if you? cut off highly offensive speech on here about 5% you say on a few other vids, is there such horrid things said about liberals left up. why bother to set this comment up unless you wanted to get a shot to show a negative view of the left…? just saying

  11. tigerm48 says:

    “Im tired of my 1st? amendment rights getting trampled on”??? How about me. Im tired of my 2nd amendment rights getting trampled on

  12. zxzx1212ify says:

    Occupy diocese of Portland.? Be angry , one of their priests? assaulted boys in the bathroom. The bishop knows about it.

  13. panathinakosbear says:

    Meanwhile someone comes and gives him? food
    bought and paid for on someone else’s dollar

  14. tindremene says:

    where does he? take a shit?

  15. taccy1989 says:

    maybe….. he should unchain? himself, get a job, contribute to the U.S., and not act like an idiot. By the way, if the police want to remove you…. they will.

  16. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    Are you talking to me? Those are quite? offensive and prejudicial statements there. What’s with the threat of violence? I thought the movement was supposed to be about peace?

  17. vovlospd74 says:

    Chain your self to anchor and jump off a bridge. All you want is a video. Bet you never even passed high school. your fucking lazzy. I need to go down and kick some heads in. Guess what you can see me any time you want I’m the 99%. Guess I will blend in? good.

  18. randomxnp says:

    Your daughter is a loser. She is misinformed? or lazy.

  19. Kevin Konesky says:

    you cant make this up.better than? any show on tv.very funny.

  20. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    I’m pretty sure I keep ratings? and comments open for all of my videos. My apologies if I accidentally have one not set for this.

  21. worldmayhem says:

    you disabled? rating on a few videos. You are Repub, judging from your videos and comments.

  22. protestmom says:

    Cowards take no action when wrong is done! My daughter was arrested chained? in the park. I AM PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER!!! And I would be with her if I wasn’t disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I can hear her laugh in the video.

  23. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    Where did I say anything about? being scared of free speech? Furthermore, for being such a peaceful and non violent bunch, I sure seem to get lots of insults sent my way on this channel.

  24. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    I do? not wish to instigate any trouble, so I refrain from starting trouble. By typing out such things, are you not engaging in the exact behavior that you attempt to insult me for? Furthermore, I thing going into an area where numerous crimes take place on a daily basis would be far from “gutless”. Thanks for playing!

  25. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    What have I done that is cowardly? And what makes you? think I am a Republican?

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