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Occupy Portland Prepares for Eviction Deadline

by tom44 on June 4, 2013

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Volunteers from Occupy Portland react to Mayor Adam’s announcement to shut Chapman and Lownsdale squares in downtown Portland. A diversity of non-violent tac…
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25 thoughts on “Occupy Portland Prepares for Eviction Deadline

  1. j57836100 says:

    screw occupy?

  2. CzarProductions1 says:


  3. LilBlacJac510 says:

    hippies this is Why I always pick? to live in Oakland over San Francisco

  4. StratoBlaster420 says:

    These protesters are? true patriots. “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism” Thomas Jefferson.

  5. SeattleSmeghead says:

    Clean up the? city already. They’ve made their point, which is they want hand outs from people that actually work hard for a living. Now try to do something productive with yourselves.

  6. mrdorkfish1 says:

    Go home LOSERS !?

  7. vovlospd74 says:

    Homeland Security Coordinated 18-City Police? Crackdown on Occupy Protest

  8. GovernMentalFreedom says:

    The Govern Mental authoritarian? pigs have turn into HOGS following orders Remember Hogs get slaughtered

  9. GovernMentalFreedom says:

    Be a Robin Hood or Three Musketeers – one for all and all for one.
    Want to make a measurable difference? Organize? and go where the money is.
    Occupy bank foreclosed homes, respect and protect the property
    Occupy shelter is a human right. Sleeping in the cold under a bridge or in parks where CODES and tax payers money can have you removed in minutes is not smart.
    Do to the banks what was done onto American families occupy bank foreclosures.
    May Shelter and Peace be with us all as God bless

  10. vovlospd74 says:

    Occupy who what why. It’s already done and gone but there mess is still there. I think your biggest failure was letting the scum in. Bad move Mabie next time you? should pick a better part of town. Like lake o.

  11. Nancy Antia says:

    Occupy Wall Street! The world is looking at? you. Don’t surrender…

  12. 1roscoejones says:


    I can’t imagine why they shut them down. They piss on? the street, puke up beer all over the sidewalks and throw their own shit at the cops.

    Don’t the cops know Democracy when they see it?

  13. malenakiss says:

    OCCUPY Wall? Street!

  14. bucklaw says:

    In Chicago they have been so busy arbitrarily and capriciously enforcing ordinances they don’t have time? to take bribes.

  15. AllTheseWorldsAreUrs says:

    Good god. Your English is terrible.

    If you think these people look like junkies,? then you’re an ignorant moron who’s obviously never seen a junkie.

  16. AllTheseWorldsAreUrs says:

    What? action would you recommend?

  17. AllTheseWorldsAreUrs says:

    Were? you up all night thinking that one up?

  18. vovlospd74 says:

    Time to take a big occupy and? wipe my protest.

  19. astrooman12345 says:

    OCcupy the? jail you flea baggers

  20. 5koorb says:

    You’re blinded by your own arrogance, 99.9% really, keep thinking that as this “movement” fades into irrelevance just like the tea party, well i guess? the tea party picked up some seats, the only thing the OWS can pick up is some donated pizza’s…. What have you shot down, you haven’t said anything other than bumper sticker phrases? “Faux Noise” and what is MSM? Previous social change came from everyday citizens, this is just a bunch of camping riff raff…. No plan, silly methods….

  21. bmathers21 says:

    uh. that’s just how people? from Portland (college age) look. You did a great job of finding a negative stereotype though, obvious troll is obvious.

  22. bmathers21 says:

    Anyone claiming to be a member of the 1% and saying to get a job in the? comments… most likely a 16 year old boy trolling a video. They obviously have no clue what this protest is about.

  23. BLUElabelROOR says:

    reality all of you look like Junkies… knowone will take you serious. Thats not being mean. Thats being dead honest. If you want to be taken serious do what is asked of you and? when the riot squad comes and throw gas at you dont say “i’m not resisting “, because if you are not doing what the cop say YOU ARE RESISTING ARREST”

  24. vovlospd74 says:

    Occupy some were else.?

  25. biggerturtle says:

    whine? whine whine

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