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Occupational Therapy jobs after college graduation in Philadelphia, PA?

by tom44 on August 3, 2012

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Question by : Occupational Therapy jobs after college graduation in Philadelphia, PA?
I will be attending Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA for Occupational Therapy and I am just wondering about finding a job after graduation. When I graduate, will I most likely have to move back to my hometown or will I be able to find a job in Philadelphia? And what would be the best thing to do financially; move back to my hometown with my parents and work at paying off my loans from there, or find a job in Philadelphia and live there while paying off my loans?

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Answer by YouGottaBeKiddin’Me
Occupational therapy jobs are EVERYWHERE! You would have luck in small towns and cities alike. Check out sites like careerbuilder and to show you what is out there.

Lots of people move home with their parents after graduation. I plan on doing that myself. However, I have a GREAT relationship with my parents and I’m a single woman who doesn’t make friends very well. I will do it mostly because living alone is really, really lonely for me.

If you are worried about money… I don’t think that is a good enough reason to move home. If you CANNOT make ends meet or you’re lonely or something… then fine. But if you like being on your own… you’re not going to have a lot of financial problems with your career path (as long as you live within your means.) I HIGHLY doubt you will have trouble finding a job. Check out what the BLS has to say about occupational therapy.

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