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Obamacare Series: Kills Your Job & Employer (You Wont Believe It)

by tom44 on January 1, 2014

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Ha ha ha I’m getting healthcare… this is wonderful. So people keep on working. Thanks so much.
Video Rating: 3 / 5
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50 thoughts on “Obamacare Series: Kills Your Job & Employer (You Wont Believe It)

  1. Stephanie Hughes says:

    Just wanted to let you know, the government has changed the wording on the
    “employer screws employee” link…. guess people were catching wind

  2. RURDY4ITNEWS says:

    I am not quite sure… in the beginning – this was not the rule – it was
    just the part-time or full-time ordeal but now that they have an equivalent
    – pple might just be trying to cut hours to off set the cost of the
    insurance or if they are a small business – they could get by without it if
    they have lil enough employees… or some might be stupid.

  3. TheCountryBoyTN says:

    So if 2 part timers count as 1 full timers, then why are companies all over
    the country switching their employees to part time. Are these just very
    small business doing this? Or do they just not know any better?

  4. 99percent2012 says:

    I laugh at every Democrat that looses his job because of OC. I laugh at
    every Democrat that doesn’t get surgery because his remaining lifetime
    taxable income disqualifies him. I laugh at every Democrat that gets FREE
    Insurance and can’t afford the co-payment. I laugh at every Democrat that
    has to shut down their business because IC kills him. I laugh at every
    Democrat that gets a home visit to receive advise on how to adjust their
    lifestyle, I closed shop to get free stuff. Thanks Democrats. 🙂

  5. vampire847 says:

    its got a cult following… its very much a teenage/guy flick

  6. RURDY4ITNEWS says:

    its a tricky little bitch bc based on everything I said and read… if what
    u said happened… it could be more beneficial for the empoyees (keeping in
    mind exactly what u said… having pple laid off causing unemployment) bc
    if that employer does that move to prevent having to provide insurance,
    those employees can go into the marketplace 2 find cheaper insurance than
    hunting specific companies, however stay tuned for my next obamacare vid bc
    what u have to submit 2 it… might prevent u anyway

  7. LTGOneill says:

    Hey thanks for the video, it’s hard to go through all this bureaucratic
    crud; heck even the politicians making these ridiculous laws don’t know
    what the hell they voted for. Please keep all the wonderful videos coming.
    I know some gov workers that are being told they have to understand this to
    explain it to the public and non of them can figure this crud out; even the
    dept heads are clueless. This is a train wreck we can see a mile away..

  8. t4705mb6 says:

    Thanks very much for this. I haven’t worried about not having insurance –
    more worried about HAVING Obamacare – what that mandates me to DO as far as
    giving up my rights. I do NOT want to be shackled to this circle of
    corruption. Looks like there is NO way out even if I don’t want ANY of
    their “health care” whatsoever, right? $94 doesn’t seem like much, it’s the
    FORCE I don’t like. All this seems like extortion to me – like the mob. I’d
    rather die sick than join these criminals. .

  9. RURDY4ITNEWS says:

    I’m not sure what the hell all that just meant… I’m unaware of what The
    News Drs are… and if u or they don’t like my cursing… I could give two
    shits. If someone wants to start paying me to do this bs, then I might
    consider catering to certain clients… until then… go…away. see I just
    sensored myself

  10. RURDY4ITNEWS says:

    I want to look away but I just cant bc of what you just said… its a train

  11. RURDY4ITNEWS says:

    There is an area that shows all the money that was given to the states for
    different shit… that’s gonna be in one of the series vids. And to answer
    that specific question…wow… even if there was a accurate number, they
    wouldn’t find it

  12. Billthesheepdog says:

    hell no!

  13. RURDY4ITNEWS says:

    If you look at it in that light… the employer would only gain an
    additional 18hrs of time by hiring 2… under 30 hrs so, 29 and 29… etc.
    So in all reality, u are correct.

  14. jo h says:

    maybe its time to stop talking get your voices heard to the government
    level. we keep relying on the gov to keep its self in check.

  15. callhoonrepublican says:

    hold on… so if u never offered your employs insurance then you’ll be
    fined by the irs for not offering it? and if its not affordable u still
    have to pay a fine? so they can either loose money on the insurance or
    loose it on the fine???

  16. RadioHamPrepper says:

    I love watching your vids and thanks for making this series 🙂

  17. MNAviator says:

    RURDY, many people in the green movement seem to believe that cutting back
    on work hours would help the environment. Less consumption of evil
    petroleum products. It is looking more and more like a single payer health
    insurance is really what the liberals wanted in the first place. They just
    wouldn’t admit it. Every regulation they are coming up with is making a
    single payer health insurance plan quite appetizing.

  18. RURDY4ITNEWS says:

    oooooooooooo…. if they fall in the above 50 employee ordeal and this
    happens, I believe they would be subject to only one penalty because they
    are basing this whole system off of hours of employees – so they would get
    dinged for every FTE employee (fake employee as I would like to call it) –

  19. t4705mb6 says:

    I would like to know what happens to those who are UNEMPLOYED, have ZERO
    income & insurance, have a little money saved with which they pay bills but
    will soon be broke. I have NEVER heard anyone speak of this situation
    although it effects millions of Americans. We continue to hear “if you are
    employed” and “your employer is required to…”. There are over 50,000,000
    unemployed in the US. Will we be FORCED to take the dole & be subjugated?
    Is that what this collectivism is really about?

  20. zmm1990 says:

    Yay… I’m looking so forward to this… Shoot, they might as well just
    charge $10,000 a month on every person 🙂 (don’t worry kids will get a
    dollar off). ha… ha… ha…

  21. Luna Mar says:

    Time to go live somewhere under a lot of trees where the satellites can’t
    find you…by a banana tree. Oh yes…. this is better than the government
    we had before, don’t you think?

  22. Poparod Cassidy says:

    I have been telling my co workers this for quite some time but they just
    scratch their heads and say HUH! Basically this bill(Obama Care) turns
    POSSIBLY EVERYONE into a part time employee because EMPLOYERS given the
    opportunity to Not have to pay their SHARE will do so.Even if this means
    cutting ALL their full time staff’s hour into 1/2 or 1/4.So EVERY ONE is

  23. speculari11 says:

    I would love to hear numbers on how much the government is subsidizing, on
    average, per person in America. I have heard $5200 in Ohio. Another # was
    $7000 on average but where was not ID’d. I don’t think Americans understand

  24. MatteoSixSeventyFour says:

    Its neither. I wouldn’t insult you. I have nothing but the utmost respect
    and admiration for you and your vids. Just something I noticed and chose to

  25. jimbozjulz says:

    noooo….thank you for this info

  26. joedogg9836 says:

    This is hilarious. Obviously a joke..?

  27. Billy Bragg says:

    Is this the 96% or the 46% that voted for Obama. Or the 46% of the 96% of
    blacks that voted for him.?

  28. Marcus Porcius Cato says:

    This was a funny farce. Thanks?

  29. Kip Hansen says:

    so hows your health care you dumb bitch. lol. rofl. guess you fukt up
    when you voted for obummer?

  30. Marc Baker says:

    Did you know that Obama is responsible for running guns in Mexico, and
    ignored some reporters who got killed in Bengazi? I’m proud to be A
    racist! ?

  31. Teresa Moenga says:


  32. Rabbiddog594 says:

    Guys I think it’s the point where it’s not racist to say “This women is one
    of them niggers.” just thought I should point that out. :)?

  33. Northeastshooter says:

    By Kirk Allen
    THE ALLEN REPORT 12/02/13
    Obamacare is a resounding success !!!
    The administration clearly has adjusted the minor kinks in the Obamacare
    website well within the deadline period forced upon them by the
    Republicans. The Democrat promise that millions of Americans would be able
    to complete enrollment after November 30th has been met.

    One thing every clear thinking progressive and loyal Democrat voter should
    take away from the problems with the rollout is that the Republicans should
    not be trusted and that the Republicans should all be voted out of office.

    President Obama needed 1 to 1.5 billion dollars to create a workable
    website but the obstructionist Republicans only allotted $634 million, so
    of course there was going to be potential problems. Many Democrats
    verified the fact that Republicans hacked into the website causing it to
    crash. It was the Republicans who promised that if Americans liked their
    doctors they could keep their doctors, NOT the President and it was the
    Republicans that continued to lie and tell the American people that the
    site would be running on November 15th, which it was not.

    Every step of the way, Republicans have thrown roadblocks in front of a law
    that they supported and voted for. It was clearly a bipartisan effort that
    allowed Obamacare to become law with a majority of Republicans strongly
    supporting the President in both the House and Senate. It was the
    Republicans who continually pressure the Supreme Court to agree that
    Obamacare was constitutional. They did all this to make the Democrats look
    bad; but it backfired. How un-American.

    But the American people with the guidance of the Democrats realize that
    President Obama caught the Republicans in their lies and told the people
    the truth that millions of Americans would lose their health coverage
    because of the Republicans. It was President Obama that told Americans
    that their health insurance premiums would, in some cases, triple by 2015.
    It was President Obama who was honest with the American people that
    thousands of doctors would leave private practice causing a doctor shortage
    and that hundreds of hospitals across this country would close because of
    the Republicans. Not one Republican accepted responsibility for the health
    care disaster that will decimate the savings of millions of American

    These selfish Republicans pass a healthcare law that was clearly
    unconstitutional. Created a disastrous and unworkable website they had
    three years to complete and they failed but in just three weeks the
    Democrats got it to work.
    VOTE DEMOCRAT IN 2014 !!!!


  34. onemindtrip says:

    Funny. I wonder how many stupid comments are going to pile up before people
    realize this video is satire.?

  35. MrMarinedadx2 says:

    to the idiots that think glozell is for real WTF! can you not see she’s
    mockin obamas bull shit? glozells bad ass and major balled to do vids like
    this. you should sub at the very least. i love you GLO! keep it up! truth
    is truth! ?

  36. corsargroup says:

    WTF… im not ameican and i love your history, but if u contunue to let
    such people as that women to make your future.. your future is coming to
    end. ?

  37. KathyInKY01 says:

    Sadly, this is NOT funny AT ALL!?

  38. Stanky Leg says:

    This is suppose to be a joke, but it’s funny looking at the comments how
    racist white people can be.?

  39. Justin Pope says:

    fuck you nigger bitch?

  40. Harry James says:

    And the fact that this is suppose to be funny isn’t the point. People in
    your country take that shit seriously but I guess youll learn that soon
    enough. thanks for wasting my time?

  41. 12341234smiles says:

    Hi, i love you, can i get you a plane ticket to visit me in edmonton,ab. i
    will be able to show you the country side and stuff. lol please contact me,
    i love your wig?

  42. jeremy thomas says:

    she should get off her ass and get a fucking job because we shouldn’t pay
    for her but she can afford all that shit on her head.?

  43. Carol Goodwin says:

    Who paid for this performance? Who selected that hideous wig? ?

  44. Daniel Horton says:

    People like you we need to put in a rocket and send you monkeys into deep
    space. No I’m not racist, but I am against ignorance that most black,
    white, yellow, brown, stupid people need to die ?

  45. anthonyziton zito says:

    Haha you’re kids are gonna work for nothing. All 7 of them.. haha. There
    won’t be any taxes to go around for your 7 mistakes (accidents) whatever
    you wanna call them. I’m surprised you’re 7 baby daddies don’t have you
    living good.. oh yeah I know why, all the good niggaz wit a white bitch and
    you get societies left over. All the jappin and yet you haven’t realized
    you still don’t have Heath care. It’s not free dummy. He just made you
    force to have to get it. Good luck on your 2 kids that will be ok ( ya know
    2 out of 3 blacks winde up dead or in jail). We all can play the race card.
    PS. Your 7 ain’t even aloud to say the damn pledge of allegiance bc it
    offends his Muslim-ism. Ya know, the same group that wanna erase us. ?????????????

  46. Michelle Fussner says:

    This is crap her and all seven kids already have heathcare food stamps
    afdc. now what she doesn’t have is a good hairdresser?

  47. Taylor Meadows says:

    People know this is satire, right? Like, this is joke, so all of the
    ignorant comments that I’m reading must me jokes, too.?

  48. Ben Senger says:


  49. JerBear15100 says:

    Obama is a big fraud! He’s a communist ruining this country!?

  50. Chris Coon says:

    She is doing caricature of certain people & she is very good at it, lol she
    cracks me up.?

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