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Obama Talks Jobs in Detroit (Part 1 of 3) — September 5, 2011

by tom44 on August 10, 2012

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President Obama speaks to the American workers in Detroit Part 2 of 3:

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44 thoughts on “Obama Talks Jobs in Detroit (Part 1 of 3) — September 5, 2011

  1. TorrianS says:


  2. JayGriff527 says:

    OBAMA IS THE BEST PRESIDENT? EVER DEALIN WITH THE MOST PROBLEMS LEFT BY THE WORST? PRESIDENT EVER BUSH! Bush lead us to this and Obama didnt let us? default? OBAMA IS CLEANING UP BUSH 8YEAR MESS! Obama found MOST WANTED MAN OF PAST 20 SUM YEARS(Osama? Bin Laden)! He’s excellent at? foreign policy, bailed out BIG3 protecting jobs, job growth every month until august 2011, doing good?? for working class people(AMERICANS JOB ACT) and all while dealing wit racist bastard republicans! VOTE OBAMA 2012!

  3. 50states1 says:

    i agree the GOP will ruin this country just like bush did

    DEFEAT TE GOP? IN 2012

  4. allhunting says:

    the billionaires all employ people, and all we do is tax them out of this country and wonder why people dont have jobs. I have never worked for a poor person. i hope the stimulas plan works better this time, last time we threw money at people, and they spend it, but most things say made in china, therefore china got a? big stimulus plan as well, and not enough stayed here. and why blame bush, i think clinton was worse with NAFTA … look at detroit …. no hope no change

  5. allhunting says:

    people like you who demand higher wages, better benifits, higher taxes on corporate buisnesses is the main reasons why companies are going over seas, most of this is generated by the democratic party and unions. tell me why i should pay for someones welfare, food stamps, free cell phone plans, rent? assistance, free healthcare, thier kids, their kids school lunches, taxes to fund their kids school, when they are able to work, but chose not to.

  6. GOPkicksbutt says:

    Cheney? was right. Deficits don’t matter.

  7. TPFThePeoplesForum says:

    Red China will not float its currency, they manipulate it. The Bush admin allowed two historic-sized deficits to balloon; budget and trade. Cheney is quoted as saying “deficits don’t matter”. But then he flunked out of Yale twice.
    Our current tax rates? are the lowest since WWII.

  8. TPFThePeoplesForum says:

    BTW, the subprime mortgages were the Banksters idea. And the removal of the banking regulations which had been put in place after the Great Depression to avoid? another, are all thanks to Phil Gramm, who now works for a large Swiss bank, UBS.

  9. TPFThePeoplesForum says:

    Sure, the Bush? policies: like the 2 trillion dollar wars started by Bush/Cheney, the first trillion dollar Bankster bailout – plus the offshoring & outsourcing (even military contracts), along with tax breaks to the very wealthy, (which have been extended, so you cannot complain – even though you will never be wealthy – only in your dreams).
    Tell me, what is it like voting against your own & your nation’s best interests but for the best interests of a handful of greedy billionaires?

  10. allhunting says:

    hopefully these jobs wont be so expensive ……….he saved or created around 2,400,000 jobs, but it cost $660,000,000,000…….. meaning $275,000 it costs him to create 1 job. This report? came from the Whitehouse Press Secretary

  11. allhunting says:

    if you actually understood what you were talking about you wouldnt have said something so stupid. the reason why we are in the “recession” is cuz durring the clinton admin he told banks to give everyone loans and fred may/mac would buy them? out after 3 years. so now people were taking loans they coudn not afford. along with a war that should never have taken 10 years (obama for 3 of them) Obama has the worse corporate taxes forcing jobs over seas, GE is one example.

  12. 50states1 says:

    yes i agree?

  13. The7miledogg says:


  14. The7miledogg says:

    your information is 100%? False…you really don’t know what’s goin on ….do you…

  15. 666sigma says:

    There goes Mister Compromise, again. This guy would not how to create a job without spending a million dollars. Who in their right mind would listen to this drivel? He’s a joke.

    This is not about jobs. It is about stealing from taxpayers and future generations to shore up re-elections. ?

    Every entitlement he named is millions of jobs lost.

  16. TPFThePeoplesForum says:

    You have it backwards. It is thanks to the Bush admin’s policies that we went from a surplus to a giant budget? deficit – also a huge trade deficit. Cheney claimed “deficits don’t matter”. The Bush admin encouraged corporations to offshore & outsource our jobs.

  17. qulsonia says:

    Four more year!!! Union Obamarobots….stumping for Unions really…what the average none Union worker???? I guess we can go to hell….My job is gone..gone and never will be coming back never…Who is? part of a Union these days??? Goverment workers??? Auto workers??? Geez, you are the President and should be concerned for all workers not just Union workers….14 million unemployed and millions not counted and half of American are on food stamps.

  18. GOPkicksbutt says:

    Thanks to liberal policy the world economy is crashing. We must do two things to stop the meltdown NOW!!! Firstly, we need to raise all payroll taxes 10% for one year. We also need to stop (right now) wasteful handout programs like medicare, social security, unemployment,, etc. and lower the minimum wage to $2/hr so we can compete with China. I will work? with Boehner, Ryan and my other republican colleagues and take immediate action on these proposals. God bless the GOP!

  19. 50states1 says:

    obama 2012?

  20. glpiv7 says:

    on my channel? you see how i will adapt to the new normal in america.Be wise an saving is my plan see if you can learn for my program.An this video is really on the money.There no sugar coating this new ponzi american economy.

  21. YAHWEHisperfect says:

    gold is worthless….

    it’s a piece of? metal…..

  22. D33Lux says:

    – I hear ya, its not just in the U.S. I’m in Canada and slowly I can see the small shops with for lease signs on them and for sale signs on front lawns. I got laid off mid 2009 and jobs are scarce, if you can find a job its short term contract. I was resorted to selling my things? on craigslist to help pay for rent and buy silver and gold. We’re all screwed, its just some of us are realists and others are in the Land of OZ.

  23. D33Lux says:

    – Ha Ha, man you? made me laugh so hard! Sad part is that shit is true and tragic…now I’m sad!

  24. drumsmetalheavy says:

    You cannot dismiss american companies like Alcoa, IBM, Exxon, Intel, JNJ, Dupont, Pizer, Merck, MSFT and so on.? Money in equities is better than having gold or silver in your pocket. America has it’s problems but compared to most of the world we have a more civil society, rules of law, enviormentally cleaner than China, India, Brazil, Russia, the middle east who have major pollution problems, corrupted goverments. Your premise is too severe and full of doom. America is still Land of the Free!

  25. peckiledorf says:


  26. Roland00111 says:

    tag? spammer fag

  27. neemz2000 says:

    It was the year of fire,
    the year of destruction,
    the year we took back what was ours.
    It was the year of rebirth,
    the year of great sadness,
    the year of pain,
    and the year of? joy.
    It was a new age.
    It was the end of history.

  28. RainingBlueSky says:

    rofllllllllllllllllllllll plz stop?

  29. quezer0 says:

    lol? yep into a depression ^_____^

  30. WesSeid says:

    Oh no. If schools get less money then they do now, kids might start graduating not knowing how to read or being able to find the U.S.A. on a map! ? Oh, wait… 😛

  31. WesSeid says:

    I was told by Ben Bernanke the recession? is over, so no worries.

  32. theroilsoil says:

    The next big implosion will be across the school systems … it’s already happening, but being prevented from sliding into the abyss only because a good chunk of our? tax money (which was supposed to help people in distress with their houses) was givent to the schools.

    The schools will be hit big time coming 2010, when more mortgages default within the higher income sectors.

    We haven’t seen anything yet.

  33. theroilsoil says:

    You’re right on once again Vision Victory … great reporting.

    As you are also aware of, this is only the beginning … it’s going to get far, far worse, and we’re seeing? it big time here along the coast – Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Belomot Shore … doesn’t matter, they’re all suffering as well.

  34. gazoorap says:

    youtube has been? doing it for months
    wonder how bad it really is

  35. frankiemg says:

    Buillion bars? or gold certificate?

  36. vtballs says:

    Alcoa is responding to market fundamentals and making adjustments based on demand. The stock price was in the 30-40 range in 07 to mid 08 when earnings? were higher supported by market fundamentals. If Alcoa just partially retains the cost basis established this year when demand improves… Just think. You are a moron.

  37. lindabebe835 says:

    Another great vid Daniel.? Keep it up.

  38. quezer0 says:

    i know? ^_^ i was just being a little sarcastic. like where i work at. when things are obvious the higher ups are like “when did this happen?”

    sad but true

  39. quezer0 says:

    ” we are in? a depression? when did this happen?”

  40. cominotti says:

    good? vids man

  41. Trazom24 says:

    Youtube deleting my? comments.

  42. Trazom24 says:

    The financial phrase? for 2009 is going to be:

    “Better than expected”


  43. vawt1953 says:

    Alcoa 3rd qtr 2008 .33 3rd qtr 2009 .04 down 82.5% yoy down big time. 2 years ago if they reported these numbers the stock would have tanked. but because they thought it was going to be a loss the msm? says things are looking better.

  44. GuildF40 says:

    I was waiting on a dip but after seeing this I’m? thinking this is the dip ………..


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