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Obama, Biden Announce $600M for Job Grants

by tom44 on June 30, 2014

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President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are trumpeting 0 million in new competitive grants to spur creation of targeted training and apprentic…
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18 thoughts on “Obama, Biden Announce $600M for Job Grants

  1. Loyal to Liberty! says:

    Get real Barack HUSSEIN 0bombya!!! The only time you feel compelled to give
    hand outs is when you want to win an election :(…Look ma, the emperor has
    no clothes! DemocRats! ?

  2. LONE WOLF says:

    I still cant believe there are ZOMBIES out there still buying this shit.?

  3. Driftas220 says:

    Angry Anti-Obama wagon with their dislike and tissue box in 3, 2, 1….?

  4. xAZAZELx13 says:

    $600 Million more wasted dollars.?

  5. DFPFilms1 says:

    We just need to do what we did in the 1900’s impose astronomical tariffs on
    companies importing goods and band your thing that cost $100 to make in
    china now costs $150 and it no longer pays.?

  6. Loyal to Liberty! says:

    Do you know how painful it is for me to listen to this Ahole, and hear what
    he has to say? I’m sorry, but the very first words/lies out of his mouth
    are enough to sound the Bull Shit meter for any one with a modicum of
    discernment. Thumbs down this MF and send him a message!!!

    P.S. Thank you AP for keeping us informed :))…?

  7. LONE WOLF says:


  8. Bob Stevens says:

    Oh yeah.600 million for GOVERNMENT jobs….WHAT A WASTE!!! Thank you,
    Barack Millhouse 0bama!!!!?

  9. Colin Burnside says:

    Hopefully the job grants can be rolled out in a seamless fashion.?

  10. ThisIsTurok1 says:

    Obama is the best president of all time…and I really do hope shit gets

    Dumb ass Liberals DESERVE Obama?

  11. Natalia Goral says:

    Ugh. How did this disaster ever make it to office?
    (Obama-lovers please comment below to prove how unintelligent about
    statistics you are.)?

  12. Jonathan Hayes says:

    Talk is cheap, and Obama is no exception – oh wait, but according to MSNBC,
    he is. smh?

  13. brwneyesaz says:

    Why do President Obama think that people believe him now in 2014? So many
    people are out of work. Less jobs available. Apprenticeship program in
    community colleges to benefit who? ?

  14. sees seas says:

    Outsource minimum waged dead-ends!
    Bring home good paying JOBS to America!?

  15. Carl Terreros says:

    from the cel-crap in yout hand, to the rags on your back. ” made
    in china “. prove me wrong. where do you live? has this not
    affected your location. or is it that when you see negro, you
    just know its got to be bad. All that this negro is trying
    to do, is give people skills, for jobs that have long gone
    overseas to china. maybe one day the greedy will bring those
    jobs back. but first you have to demand “made in u.s.a. “.
    because not everybody can be a “tech savey, web master, desugner
    ,whatever…. ´´ paz ´´?

  16. SSanf says:

    Corporations are going to try to get the money and not really create any
    jobs. They need to really make sure that money goes for real jobs. If it
    does, it is an ultimate good.?

  17. Evolve Onward says:

    Obama-Muslim Brotherhood and connections
    Mohamed Elibiary -Homeland Security
    Arif Alikhan -Ass Secretary Homeland Security
    Salam Al Marayati -MPAC Terrorism
    Rashad Hussan -Obama Legal
    Vali Nasser -Co Director Afghanistan
    Malik Obama -Tax exempt Fund handler of Muslim Brotherhood.
    The government tried to stop this but were called racists hmmm.Ever heard
    that before?Also Elibiary was accessing our national security computer
    without authorization and called on this.Folks are welcome to debunk this.I
    tried and was unable to.Really hope i am wrong.
    But i do believe the real IRS scandal is Malik Obama and they just do not
    have the balls to say it.So there i will say it for them.Buncha wimps in
    that damn government.Do not vote for pre selected governments please.
    Be safe bothers and sisters of America


  18. Thomas Rogers says:

    Eat shit rodeo clown. You aren’t responsible for anything and there’s not a
    smigeon of corruption.,…..

    What kind of stooopid racist cunts believe you anymore? You are pure scum.?

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