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NY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE-Failure to Set Bone Properly

by tom44 on May 27, 2013

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3 thoughts on “NY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE-Failure to Set Bone Properly

  1. SkanRashke says:

    cost*, roughly 1,000 dollars. (I’m uninsured like most americans working blue collar jobs or in college). I refused to pay for such terrible service, so I have a black mark on my credit report- but I reported the hospital for their terrible, terrible care, although I doubt anyone will do anything about it.
    Note: This was Fairfax NoVA hospital- don’t go there if you can help yourself? if its’ an emergency, we waited over 5 hours and had to go through that.

  2. SkanRashke says:

    want to tell me what it actually was- so thinking it was some terrible rare disease, I obliged. I waited around for another 4 hours and was submitted for? several tests until an ACTUAL DOCTOR came, thanked her(He said “Thank you nurse”- when I checked with the hospital to confirm my suspicions it turns out she was just a practising nurse)- I told him what was going on, and he told me it was a sinus infection, gave me a ‘scrip and sure enough it cleared up in a few days. All the tests costed

  3. SkanRashke says:

    I had something similar- but not nearly as severe- happen to me in the emergency room. I insisted on seeing a doctor because I was having a strange metallic taste and bleeding from the mouth and nose. I met with someone who claimed to be a doctor, and she said it was “the flu”. I told her she was an idiot and I wanted to see a real doctor. She insisted she was, and sent me? in for some X-rays because she was “concerned about some congestion in my chest”. I obliged, because I figured she didn’t

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