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Nut -Job Christian preaches sexism and the bible

by tom44 on August 29, 2012

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On 11-20-09 at University of Tennessee Chattanooga, a protester came to campus and told us all we were going to hell for our college life styles. He was a little over the top but he was passionate about his words and made several people stop to think…… i still think he was kinda nuts. lol
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25 thoughts on “Nut -Job Christian preaches sexism and the bible

  1. TheFockerizer says:

    oh look a fucked up christian believing in childish stories?

  2. pokealotasmot10 says:


  3. Kylebristow says:

    My favorite? part of this credible book is the verses where they say the earth is flat and immovable and the moo is a light source simmilar to the sun.

  4. Kathy Lew says:

    Yes he is a Godly guys better listen to him? and think about it.
    Your destination can turn to be really amazing,by consider God’s words.
    God love you.

  5. MrEmeraldfusion says:

    “Nut -Job Christian preaches sexism? and the bible” He preaches ‘sexism’ but tells women to protect themselves. The man speaks the truth. Jesus is the Lord, and Saviour!

  6. SuperStrikeX says:

    hahahaha he is doing his job, but at the same time he’s not getting all mad about it, even though he sounds? kinda nutty. but i give him props cause he looks like he’s having fun with it haha

  7. j919or says:

    He doesnt sound very much like Jesus or Paul but he does sound like he has listened and paterned himself after other preachers of the 1800s.

    Time are different now and hed be much more effective to come humbly and sharing what God has done in his own life

    This is a shame that he is speaking? this way.

  8. martynblackburn1977 says:

    He’s getting owned. Atheism will always? win.

  9. cfroi08 says:

    its people like this give christianity a bad name?

  10. AtheistOnTheEdge says:

    “Turn or burn.” See, when all you have is lies,? you rely on scare tactics to convince people. The truth doesn’t need scare tactics; the truth speaks for itself. Christians don’t have any truth; they have only lies.

  11. fruitcake0anon says:

    Yeah exactly, Jesus turning water into wine doesn’t exactly say alcohol is forbidden! I know a lot of Christians who are nothing like this, this guy however, doesn’t he realise that he’s giving Christianity a? bad name?

  12. rockonmadonna says:

    I know this guy’s comment here is revoltingly sexist, but please do NOT take misguided, right-wing “Christianity” as actual Christianity. (And, speaking of right-wing “Christianity,” I have heard much worse. When he goes on to talk about alcohol, for instance, he is alright with drinking moderately, or at least with wine in communion. Some “Christians” are not, even though Jesus Himself turned water into wine for wedding guests? [John 2].)

  13. MsJK21 says:

    I’ve seen better Brother Jed performances. He’s really getting senile. His front sign looks just like the one for “YOU’RE GOING TO HELL” guy in? Boston has. That nutjob shows up everywhere with that lurid thing.

    I love the back of his sandwich board, though: “Turn or Burn”. LOL! That means you have to keep turning and turning and turning and turning, etc. Unless it means that if you burning, you should turn, but I always thought it was “Stop, Drop and Roll”.

  14. BacchusFA says:

    This shit happens all the time on the University of Cincinnati campus. Perfect target for the? backward city.

  15. derrikk85 says:

    Lots of Bible rejecting white trash in Tennessee?

  16. fruitcake0anon says:

    He’s still a fucking douchebag, just because everyone is telling him what an arsehat he is doesn’t mean God is? going to like him for taking abuse. if anything, God is going to be embarrassed by this moron doing His name (if He exists) a significant fucking disservice.

  17. fruitcake0anon says:

    “keep your virginity GIRLS….”

    So YOUR bible says men can shag anything….but women should remain virgins… our only hope is to go gay?

    Think it through you fucking douchebag, no? wonder I’m an atheist…

  18. satan5099 says:

    so when i get to heaven or hell, am i gonna? see all my dead pets and grandparents?

  19. pitomba125 says:

    please shut? up there is no god or jesus or any of that shit

  20. leapoffaith20 says:

    Why the fuck would I want to keep my virginity, I was more than happy to see it? go.

  21. Schubert Tonarelli says:

    This video was added to searchinthebible com, if you want watch more preaching, download christian music and? books visit the Site.

    In addition you can search in the Bible for words or phrases, Bible Dictionary, Stats, and see all cities and places named in the Bible localized on Google map.

  22. Schubert Tonarelli says:

    This video was added to searchinthebible com, if you want watch more preaching, download? christian music and books visit the Site.

    In addition you can search in the Bible for words or phrases, Bible Dictionary, Stats, and see all cities and places named in the Bible localized on Google map.

  23. Shredy354 says:

    Religion is solely? for peace of mind. If there was nothing about heaven no one would be a christian.

  24. jonnytann09 says:

    see…. this is how its supposed to be? done.

  25. squelchup says:

    Hes not nuts hes just doing his job as a christian hes picking up his cross. You won’t go to hell for your lifestyle you’ll go to hell if you do not pick up your cross like he has and follow jesus.
    I say this cause of Matthew 18: 12 – 14 Mathew 16: 24 – 27? Matthew 22: 32 – 33 and Matthew 28: 19 – 20 (too long to post) most of the versus justifies his behavior and one justifies your lifestyle. As for Love’s comment about there being no god, may god have mercy on your soul on judgment day.

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