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Nursing Job Interview Success: Before, During, and After

by tom44 on June 12, 2013

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Nursing educator Michele Kunz gives advice to nursing students about getting through a job interview, and how to prepare for the interview. Michele has inter…

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26 thoughts on “Nursing Job Interview Success: Before, During, and After

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  2. Stephen Smith says:

    Thanks for posting this video. It made me feel good about the steps I’m taking to get hired. I am volunteering,? got my PALS certification and started school. The area market here is tight and the MAGNET effect makes i tougher but I’m convinced I will soon get there.

  3. 1hermac says:

    Hi Michele, I have an group interview with an aged care facility in a fee days as a care worker. I was just wondering, what? should I wear to the interview? Also, what should I bring to the interview (resume, police check)?

  4. michelekunz says:

    Volunteering is one way to get a foot in the door and network. Another? way is to get a job as a Nursing Attendant or Patient Care Associate in the hospital. You get paid and gain experience with patients. When a position opens you would be the first for consideration. So, based on the job market if you will be looking for work for many many months the PCA role is the way to go.

  5. 5tev088 says:

    Thank you for the good information. I am currently a RN new grad searching for my first job in or near Stockton Ca.? I’ve been told by my nursing friends that I should volunteer. I think I’ll get on that and see what pops up. Thank you again!

  6. 1DFanBoyChurlz says:

    thanks ma’am Michele, thank God I passed the? interview and now I’m having my orientation hopefully I can pass the training for me to be a Staff Nurse 🙂

  7. QandWest says:

    Will have my first Job interview this monday? and Im so nervous!

  8. michelekunz says:

    Good Luck!? Don’t be nervous. Just be honest and sincere. I hope it goes well for you.

  9. 1DFanBoyChurlz says:

    I’ll be having my Staff Nurse Trainee interview tomorrow? I’m nervous gonna watch this first hope that I can do my best 🙂

  10. Rigoberto Treto says:

    Thank you?

  11. Kevin Gorin says:

    Very nice tips, thanks for sharing. Anyone looking for nurse jobs should definitely check out bit.lynrsjobs as well… the more? interviews you get, the better!

  12. Sydney Loteria says:

    I’ve learned more of the things i know about nursing from another youtuber? called Nunezeducation

  13. stanley uche says:

    very very good but I Learned? more few things about nursing from the YouTube user Nunezeducation you guys should watch their videos”

  14. michelekunz says:

    Definitley include any work or volunteer experiences in your resume’ or interview. Any customer service experience that you can discuss is great. This? video applies to both men and women in the nursing profession.

  15. TheHatorihanzoe says:

    I get a feeling that this is for females only. What about the male nurse?? Oh do you include other work experience that isn’t clinical such as working at wal mart when you were going through school?

  16. michelekunz says:

    Hope all went? well!

  17. michelekunz says:

    I hope all goes well during your interview. Good luck. Michele?

  18. ain ariff says:

    am about to attend an interview this coming 28-29 may 2012…this video give me so? many ideas…
    thanks yaaa…
    wish me good luck..peace yo

  19. SuperCeesay1 says:

    Michelle thanks so much for your video. I also found this site? very important to become a 6-figure nurse at nursingsuccesssolutions (dot)com

  20. rivotte1822 says:

    THANKS,? Michele this video was very helpful. 03-08-12.

  21. michelekunz says:

    Joe and I are very happy to? hear that you found our video helpful. We wish you all the luck in the world for passing your exam.

  22. wangda2436 says:

    i’ll have an interview tomorrow, this video is really helpful, thanks a lot.? wish me luck~

  23. tylerngram says:

    Very? helpful video. Thank you.

  24. linda01234567890 says:

    After 12-16 hours of running nonstop, nothing looks more beautiful than? your relief comming in. Be on time and your co-workers will love you. It is too hard being forced to work doubles, pay won’t matter if you burn out fast.

  25. jenysullivan says:

    Thank you? Michelle for taking the time to create this video. It is very helpful!!

  26. B3burner says:

    Uhh… you mean bus drivers… not truck drivers…..? right?

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