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nursing home/any health care job that offers free CNA w/ job contract how do I find one?

by tom44 on September 4, 2012

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Question by chelseybaby: nursing home/any health care job that offers free CNA w/ job contract how do I find one?
My ultimate goal in life is bring lives into the world before I die….. Hence I need my CNA, my LPN, RN and ARNP, and then do what ever I have to to become a midwife! As of right now I need to get my CNA my 18th birthday is the day after Thanksgiving so I will be of age in less than a month! I have heard from a lot of people that some places like nursing homes offer a program that you can take that gets your CNA for free as long as you sign a job contract. This would be ideal for me because I can be getting my CNA and working then my LPN and be moving up in the job finally at that job I would get my RN and continue working until my contract is up. I then want to transfer to an Hospital as an Rn, in the O.B. ward, work for at least a year as an RN to get it down well, then start going for my ARNP while working for what ever hospital. I would like to remain a ARNP for a couple of years in the O.B. ward and then start working towards getting my midwife license. My goal is to be a midwife before I am 30, so I have 12 years!!! I need help finding places that do the CNA “trade” for a job contract in the Renton/Seattle WA area PRETTY PLEASE with a HUGE chocolate covered cherry on top!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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Answer by lwinter84
I don’t know about the Washington area, I live in South Dakota. However, around here, every facility I know of will pay for your CNA classes as long as you work for them when you finish. As for the LPN, you don’t have to get that before you’re an RN, just go right to the RN. It may be another year or two depending on the school, but if you want to be an RN anyway, just do that. Talk to the nursing home you are thinking of working at about LPN and RN.

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One thought on “nursing home/any health care job that offers free CNA w/ job contract how do I find one?

  1. wanda says:

    Sorry that I cant answer that because I live in Philadelphia but I am a CNA. Working as a cna is good but if you want to be a LPN then just do that. The way peolpe been losing jobs its going to be hard finding a free place to become a cna. LPN is only 12 months full time or 18 months part time and your fresh out of high school, that is better and pays more. LOOK IN TO IT ….I am sorry I didnt do it now I am31 with 3 kids. While woking as a LPN you can start on your RN. YOU CAN DO IT

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