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Nurses and Tom Morello Rally in Chicago to Heal America, Tax Wall Street!

by tom44 on September 25, 2013

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Friday, May 18, nurses from across the country and guest Tom Morello converged on Chicago despite efforts by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to prevent them from gatherin…

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13 thoughts on “Nurses and Tom Morello Rally in Chicago to Heal America, Tax Wall Street!

  1. daytrading89 says:

    Why the hell do you nurses hate? traders so much? All we do is buy low, sell high. We didn’t give you any bad loans. We have nothing to do with your jobs, healthcare, or anything else you care about. Get a clue.

  2. David Lindquester says:

    Of course nurses provide a great service for all of us. But I’d like to see their time and efforts spent on more useful causes. Taxing Wall Street is a long way from more pressing issues that? are directly related to health and health-care issues in the U.S.

  3. Lois Hamilton says:

    I love Tom Morello! I have bought his CDs and just saw him on Bill Moyers and Friends. He is wonderful. Thanks to the National Nurses? Association and Progressive Democrats of America for being there and supporting this effort nationwide! We love you all–do not give up!!!!!

  4. ArmyFtBall says:

    the tax that this extreme minority of their union are screaming about doesn’t just tax “wall street”. It taxes the 99% who purchase stocks or mutual funds either directly or thru their pension funds. If they want to tax wall street, they’d be asking for a? tax solely on wall street banks. They aren’t. They want to tax you too. ? Why doesn’t the union tell their members their pension fund is going to get continually taxed with this thing too? think about it.

  5. Pamela Sheffler says:

    (continued from bottom) Soon management will be forced to hire a real break nurse. 7 of us have rescinded our meal? waivers, and more will follow suit. We have power in numbers! The public does not realize that we do not get any breaks, when the law requires breaks, and we are over ratio everyday. We are going backward, into the days of slavery. The 1% are the slaveowners. Yes nurses do have the answer! STICK TOGETHER! TAX WALL STREET! Bottom line, patient care and safety! Go NNU!

  6. Pamela Sheffler says:

    I have been a nurse for 28 years, and a union rep. Wish I had been at the rally! thanks for posting it. Love the robin hood hats. 12 hour shifts are very difficult. For those of you who do this long shift, please rescind the 2nd meal waiver that HR sneaks into the pile of papers? that every new grad signs when hired. Take 2 lunches. It makes the shift a little more tolerable, and the patient safety a little better.

  7. progressiveruination says:

    I’ve been in Healthcare for 18 years and these political hacks DO NOT? speak for me. Nurses do not have the answer.

  8. Michael Carano says:

    NNA is great– a bunch of principled nurses to give the movement a shot in the arm and cure the illness of modern US society. Expanded & Improved Medicare for ALL, shore up & improve Social Security by removing the cap, end the wars & roll back military spending & invest in our environment, in our? infrastructure, in our people with a publicly funded jobs program. Capitalism needs the cure and a strong dose of oversight and accountability medicine. Love the nurse, love unionism at its best.

  9. Paul Glover says:

    Excellent! Tobin tax? + angry nurses = effective revolution.

  10. Godzie1 says:

    I? support the nurses 100%..,

  11. stars0716 says:

    thanks …I feel better? too…

  12. Textynn says:

    Thanks nurses. I feel? better.

  13. Moody Blue says:

    Well done. “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is? an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

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