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Nurse recruiter positions in Los Angeles, Calif.?

by tom44 on March 25, 2013

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Question by metal76: Nurse recruiter positions in Los Angeles, Calif.?
I am interested in recruiting nurses. I know people who work for these companies but have lost contact with them. I know nursing is on the rise. What companies in Los Angeles hire recruiters to cold call nurses to offer them other nursing jobs?

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Answer by Gr8 F8

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One thought on “Nurse recruiter positions in Los Angeles, Calif.?

  1. says:

    My daughter and daughter in law both are RNs. They have recieved offers up to 75 dollars an hour for work with companies which specializes in providing nurses. You can contact the hospitals/nursing homes/clinics and find out or call the state medical board.

    I am sure that yuo can arrange to locate and get these nurses in touch with possible employees for a contract fee. Most companies such as these go top each state state medical board handlin gl;iscenses and get information on liscensed nurses and contract them via telephone, email, an dhome addresses even often by mailing them at their work address.
    It’s a very competative business a smost RNs wish to remain near home.
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