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Non-Profit Marketing video – Girls on the Run of the Triangle – Durham – In Focus Studios

by tom44 on March 17, 2014

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Producing marketing videos for non-profits. We work in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Pittsboro, Siler City, Chatham County, Cary and Apex North Carolina. We …

Bryan Perlmutter from NC State chapter of Student Power Union. Statement of their arrest on April 29th, 2013. Our state is in crisis. Right wing politicians …
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4 thoughts on “Non-Profit Marketing video – Girls on the Run of the Triangle – Durham – In Focus Studios

  1. john Merlin says:


  2. tom garner says:

    This should be my topic of the moment. I will march with these kids on May
    1st. Yes, i’m sure that there will more arrests and i may be one of those.

    The First Amendment Guarantees us the Right to Protest and assemble to
    state our grievances with the Governing Forces. When we allow those in
    Power to silence us, we agree to Tyranny. The Very Thing that this country
    was founded upon was Opposition to Tyranny.?

  3. UnboundEndeavors says:

    Folks, if you can afford a case of beer, you can afford an ID. And
    speaking of beer, if you look under 40, you won’t get beer without a valid,
    unexpired State-issued ID in any law-abiding store in NC. So what’s all
    the huckle-buck about requiring an ID for voting??

  4. schultz100190 says:

    I am sharing this with everyone and helping as best as I can

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