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No Jobs for Pharmacists?

by tom44 on August 14, 2013

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This video talks about the job market for pharmacists in the present and into the future.
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25 thoughts on “No Jobs for Pharmacists?

  1. yetirx says:

    thanks for posting this video as well as the rest of your videos pal! keep speaking the truth? pal!

  2. yetirx says:

    too many pharmacy schools are opening up with? too many graduates! They need to slow down right now cause the jobs are not there anymore. I am 30 years old with a PharmD and I’m thinking about going back to school. The debt load will be a lot more this time around.

  3. yetirx says:

    I graduated pharmacy school in 2008. 3? months or so before the Wall Street collapsed. I very much regret doing this profession. I am stuck in St Louis metropolitan area. I cannot return home to Chicago because the market was saturated with pharmacists when I started pharmacy school in 2002. I should’ve gone to med school. I graduated school with 180K in debt and paid it off in 4 years by paying off my loans with most of my paycheck. Pharmacy is collapsing…too many pharmacy schools out there.

  4. wen chuan chang says:


  5. tossePharmD says:

    yep very scary right now. Our school finally told us the truth and told us not all of us will get? jobs when we come out. Talk about being unemployed with 150,000 debt.

  6. Carrie Zhao says:

    And medicine is not going to rock, either. Docs r quitting everyday due to various? reasons and u need like 15 years of training and 20000 debt before u can practice. My focus is now to pass the naplex, get any job and plan from here.

  7. Carrie Zhao says:

    Honestly, I see no need for clinical pharmacists. The docs r there to prescribe, the nurses r there to administer, the staff pharmacist verify orders and check everything, why need a clinical pharmacist? i have followed a lot of clinical pharmacists during my rotations, and I really did not feel the necessity? of having a clinical pharmacist. Plus, the market for clinical phar is getting saturated as well, how many does one hospital need? not many. Did we make the wrong decision?

  8. Carrie Zhao says:

    Hey there, I just graduated this year from one of the top 5 pharmacy schools in the nation. Good student, not willing to do a residency bec lack of interest? in clinical stuffs. Sounds nice, right? i am trying hard to avoid retail jobs, but hospital jobs are so hard to find! And they do want someone with a residency, which was not required earlier. I feel like this profession is dying with oversupply. I cannot believe I set myself after all these… to no job. so depressing…

  9. Ryan P says:

    Well jobs were in high demand because? there was a pharmacist shortage. The shortage is now over. Now jobs are becoming more scarce. The economy is terrible, the baby boomer pharmacists are putting off retirement because they lost their nest eggs in the housing bubble crash, and new schools have been popping up left & right churning out degrees like diploma mills.

  10. Adriel M. says:

    Some people say there are no jobs or impossible to find, but that is the same for a lot of careers. And? the pharmacy students try to discourage the new students who want to apply to pharmacy school… It sounds as if they are just trying to eliminate competition very clever for the pharmacy students if you ask me

  11. FlavaCuts says:

    No Jobs ?!?? HA! Get out of here dude.

  12. MegaAstrodude says:

    Pharmacists don’t even have a profession anymore. Anything that was once in their scope of practice, like advising patients about the effects of drugs, now is seen as exclusively the doctor’s domain, or at least, doctors are seen as the more knowledgeable professionals about drugs.

    So go to Med School if you want to? be knowledgeable about drugs.

  13. Jez Smith says:

    Make money online with? Home Job Groups

  14. hanalilyful says:

    I live in GA and I am going to be a junior at my university. I was thinking about going for Pharmacy? for a long time now but from what I hear it seems so dismal. I don’t know if I would like doing it but I honestly don’t know what else I could study. I already switched from pre-med. I’m hoping to find experience in this career before deciding if it’s right for me.

  15. DocUnsane says:

    Definite surplus….

    Sucks, there wasn’t one when I got into pharmacy school.

    Too many new schools? opening.

  16. victormania2008 says:

    are all the pharmacist asians??? cuz all the pharamcists from the hospital where i am doing my extern…..? are asians! lol

  17. melrodsand says:

    I’m about to get my bachelor’s in biology and now i’m like >_< i don't know what to? do ahh!

  18. MisterChartreuse says:

    Man,? you know shit is bad when 8+ years of schooling in a medical field won’t even guarantee you a job.

  19. Luulinh Luong says:

    plz do? you have an yahoo mes account, i’m an vietnamese too, i saw what you said, it’s exactly true, retailing, cheating people and fake (

  20. Daniel M says:

    are you a pharmacist? ?

  21. gottabighit1 says:

    But wait, there’s no economy turn down! Haven’t you heard from our Imperial President? He has created 4.5 million jobs. Housing is up. Energy has never been cheaper. A car will go farther on a gallon of gas than ever before. We have shovel ready jobs! The rich are now paying their fair share. We live in Ameritopia!
    BTW CVS/Caremark just? laid me and 35 other pharmacists off, and for those 240,000 employees remaining? They will be dumped from a PPO and into Obamacare in 2015. Just got the letter.

  22. kg062007 says:

    Go to med school? MD or DO.

  23. Doris Lee says:


  24. Prodigy Rezz says:

    Lol, go be holistic then. No one is forcing anyone to? take meds.

  25. Alex Sterling says:

    The saturation of pharmacists is very high in South Florida. New pharmacists are called floaters. They float from store to store? filling shifts in their area. I dunno how other places does it, but this is how Walgreens battles this saturation issue. It’s actually a great idea because if you are a floater, you have less responsibility because you have no home store.

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