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No Head Tattoos Allowed – Miami Ink

by tom44 on September 4, 2013

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Yoji, the new apprentice, wants to get his head tattooed by Garver. Ami isn’t having it. For more tattoo clips from NY Ink, London Ink, Miami Ink and LA Ink,… Search Education Teacher jobs in Hialeah, Florida. Find Hialeah Education Te…
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25 thoughts on “No Head Tattoos Allowed – Miami Ink

  1. Satanam Daemonicis says:

    Thing is people love tattooed girls. At least I do, but I know there’s a bunch of people who do so. 😛 But seriously, I’m Brazilian and here people are are still afraid or I don’t know what about tattoos. It’s like, if you have a tattoo then you’re a murderer, robber and you smoke crack. People just can’t understand that tattoos existed for so long, and once were used as a way to? mark those who were important in society, like pharaohs and stuff.
    I mean, why would you care about others’ bodies?

  2. OmfgHaxRS says:


  3. Tylan Dramp says:

    you are spot on jill, but in this day and age it depends on what job you apply for, in some cases where you need to represent others and not? just yourself the showing of a head tattoo or sometimes neck can have negative views on the situation, people shouldn’t judge but its what it is.

  4. lexusgs3002009 says:


  5. shalea vanderwaal says:

    that dude is some type of controlling fascist and a huge hypocrite…i can’t stand the way he treats that guy. just because he works for him he thinks he owns the guy,is inhuman fucks like this that make the world a terrible place? for people !!!

  6. Icecubesforfive says:

    Women getting tattooed is frowned upon more than men getting them. So you are wrong? there buddy.

  7. b1ggbyrd says:

    CORRECTION:? “two” advantages.

  8. K Khan says:

    I wish I? could get a neck and hand tattoo =[ but sadly all the jobs in the medical field are against it :/

  9. BajanEnglishTv x says:

    jillian your? so beautiful x

  10. Jose Mendoza says:

    If you find head tattoos more intimidating than neck tattoos your a pussy who needs? medication to overcome their wimpy fears

  11. motanelustelistu says:

    You’re? a cute Women,very bug advantage.Peopel might look past tatoos,but not past cuteness 😉

  12. Globox822 says:

    dont worry you? will find out

  13. Yaarvis1 says:

    I’m not sure you understand culture at? all.

  14. LastbutNotFirst says:

    she also said? she still gets jobs, meaning.. she is constantly going from one job to the next. so i mean.. even having a big advantage, still isnt really much of an advantage. hah

  15. Kenneth Bailey says:

    do people still think reality tv shows are actually real? they’re all scripted. a tattoo shop owner telling an employee a tattoo of any kind is off limits is beyond unlikely. arguing semantics over “head tattoos being more intimidating” is moronic. a? faked scene to stage an argument is the cornerstone of reality tv. people love conflict. just read the comments on a youtube video lol.

  16. Ray Kay says:

    yeah but both that asian and ami have neck tattoos there’s a big difference, getting a tattoo on your head is far? more intimidating that having one on your neck.

  17. xSmiles85x says:

    Burn in? hell faggot.

  18. lewis brown says:

    don’t no if you know this, but the neck isn’t part of the head.?

  19. Chill Co says:

    Ami has a good point. Head is diff from? neck.

  20. Perla Robinette says:

    Dafuq lol?

  21. Chris Downey says:

    Actually, it is.? Women are slow lol

  22. Jillian Perry says:

    yeah I’m? sure that’s exactly what it is.

  23. Jillian Perry says:

    yeah I’m sure that’s exactly what? it is.

  24. Partypaddo says:

    Wow good comment!!?

  25. Globox822 says:

    you get hired because you? are a woman, and your perv boss gets a boner and would like to bang you.

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