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Nine State of Washington Government Jobs Movie “9 Lives”

by tom44 on June 19, 2014

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Promo Sneak Peak of Nine Gov Jobs Movie.
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Paul Ryan at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference – You all remember 2008 when we had a financial crash and the start of the Great Recession. We saw mi…
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7 thoughts on “Nine State of Washington Government Jobs Movie “9 Lives”

  1. thej lin says:

    @deficithawker and it’s still better than the obama budget or the
    democratic budget. oh wait, there is no democratic budget.

  2. dibvadegirzim says:

    I appreciate how your not intimidated by the president,even if he gives you
    the evil eye.Thank you for sticking up for the real America,and KEEP
    applying the pressure,America has spoken,they are ready for new
    leadership.I wish you’d run for president:D

  3. thej lin says:

    @deficithawker he never claimed anything more than 600 billion dollars…

  4. Samuel Riddick says:

    When these people say American people they don’t mean my black ass!!!! When
    everybody is the same in the eyes of the law then that country prospers,
    and despite what these politicians say, Everybody knows how yall feel about
    people who are not white!!! Sincerity is what I’m talking about, we know
    yall fake, and phony!!!!! Talking out of the both sides of your neck!!!!

  5. SixAlarmStranger says:

    This is the kind of leadership we need in The Whitehouse, Mr. Ryan. Please
    reconsider running for president.

  6. wwwint2 says:

    The clear alternative.

  7. northstar789 says:

    This guy doesn’t seem to realize that the U.S. is Monetarily Sovereign. We
    can ALWAYS pay any Federal deficit. He’s a tool of Wall Street, spreading
    misinformation and fear.

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