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Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite South Beach Miami Vice On Feet Sneaker Review

by tom44 on March 4, 2013

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What’s Up Everyone It’s NateDoggyDogg52 Back Again With More Heat!!!! This One Was Super Tough To Cop. Nike Europe Only Cancelled Online Drop Thursday Before June 2 Drop Day. With Only 4 Stores In The UK Getting Em & Only 1 In Scotland – Nike Glasgow Even Then They Only Got 12 Pairs. I Was Really Lucky & Truly Blessed To Pick Up These Sneakers!! Couldn’t Get My Size But Was A Definite Cop For Me. Please Like & Comment This Vid. If You Like What You See Be Sure To Subscribe To My Channel. Follow Me On Twitter & Instagram @NathanKerr20 Thanks NateDoggyDogg52
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 thoughts on “Nike LeBron 9 PS Elite South Beach Miami Vice On Feet Sneaker Review

  1. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Well if you? like my videos surely you like the content? As I said dude no ones forcing you to subscribe and the right to free speech.

  2. REVIEWERtm says:

    I subbed because I like your videos no need to use copped and dope… Its sound really dumb and almost a parody.? I am from the uk.

  3. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Dude why are you leaving negative comments after subbing? That doesn’t make sense? And I’m assuming your an expert on how Scottish people talk are you?? Seen Shrek?

  4. REVIEWERtm says:

    Why the hell? are you saying dope and cop you are from fucking scotland not america. Or do you just wish you where from the U.S.A

  5. AJxFilms says:

    This is why i need? you to hook me up with certain sneakers you always picking up the new releases and im having to pay shitty reseller prices for sneakers >:( lol

  6. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for watching &? commenting bro. I’ve subbed you please sub back. #SneakerFamEurope

  7. FBLINE RUSSIA says:

    niceeeee bro))))
    i? have too dat 9’s)
    and it next my reviews)

  8. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for watching? & commenting. Lol do I not sound funny ha ha thank you :-D. #SneakerFamWorldWide

  9. 555NikeSB says:

    I love your accent! Great pick? up

  10. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for watching & love & support. Awesome thanks very much just know? probably more than the next guy about sneakers although sometimes my mouth runs away and bam 20 mins later I’m finally done lol.

  11. Nate Johnson says:

    awsome,? you explained it so well. i wasnt even looking for a review on it. i was just browsing and i saw you and i just decided to watch it and got interested. :)) i watched the whoe vid by the way <33

  12. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for watching? & commenting. I will do bro.

  13. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Dude thanks for watching and for your DOPE comment. Pretty sure DOPE is a word not only used in? the US.

  14. noscope22203 says:

    Dude? don’t say dope if your not from the U.S.

  15. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Always bro. Dropped you a line meant 2 do? it last night but fell asleep ha ha. Keep up the good work bro!!

  16. AmazingNyJets says:

    check out? my channel and consider subscribing!

  17. FinestGearNYC says:

    @natedoggydogg52 thanks bro. I just put up a new vid. Check it out! Drop? a line!

  18. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks? very much for your support & comment bro. Look forward to your next vids too.

  19. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for commenting & watching but I’m not looking to sell thanks for the offer dude.?

  20. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for your continued support & love dude. Yeah it sucks bro really. Yeah dude Nike only posted on Thursday there was no online drop. Only 6 stores in? the whole of Europe. Yeah dude if I was gonna rock em it’d for sure be with the pink laces.

  21. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for commenting? & watching and your continued support bro. Yeah dude gotta keep it constant lol. I intend to dude as long as everyone keeps enjoying em and watching.

  22. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for the support & love dude. Yeah dude one day you’ll have too. Indeed bro you did make “THE? LIST”

  23. NateDoggyDogg52 says:

    Thanks for your continued support & love bro. I look forward to your future vids bro? and I look forward 2 my future cops and subsequent vids.

  24. dynishiejohnson says:

    nice vid bro…..?

  25. GoodSkateProductions says:

    can i buy?

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