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New medical school stirs debate over tax increase

by tom44 on March 1, 2013

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Ppponents say the proposed tax increase on the November ballot is way too high. The head of the Travis County Taxpayer Union says passing Prop One would give a green light to spend millions on unnecessary programs.
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4 thoughts on “New medical school stirs debate over tax increase

  1. chromelemon says:

    The medical school in Round Rock turns out general practitioners, not specialized doctors. Quit drinking the alex jones cool-aid,? cato.

  2. catothewiser says:

    How much money will Kirk Watson be making personally on this – wouldn’t a news organization look in to this? No, “journalists” just regurgitate talking points from lobbyists.


    How much more traffic will this cause?

  3. catothewiser says:

    The supporters of? this are the typical liars. How about this, WHEN their claims fail, and they will since they always do, then they will be handed a class-action lawsuit. Tired of the lies.

  4. catothewiser says:

    Necessary programs? Says who? Who decides what is necessary?

    In other words, we all get to pay for high salaried people AND illegal aliens. Average people just? get the bill.

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