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New Ford Jobs in Chicago – Autoline Daily 314

by tom44 on March 27, 2013

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General Motors will become the first automaker to design and manufacture electric motors. Ford announced it will add a shift at its plant in Chicago to build…
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6 thoughts on “New Ford Jobs in Chicago – Autoline Daily 314

  1. robvar83 says:

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  2. jurand81 says:

    This guy is awesome! John – PLEASE try to use Murray whenever possible while you are? out.

  3. trwsandford says:

    We may have a smaller percentage of solar energy being produced, but that is primarily due to the fact that solar panels are? not an economically viable means of producing energy yet.

    That will change, and when it does…

    So will we.

    until then drill it and burn it! Burn it up baby!

  4. Miradart says:

    It’s kinda funny, but beating the US over the head with how ‘advanced’ France? and Germany is, and how the US should be ashamed of itself, may just backfire on him. He may have some good ideas, but even the best ideas, when they come from a pompous ass, really aren’t accepted very well. LOL!!
    but maybe that’s just me. 🙂

  5. rockyjrr2004 says:

    haha, change? happens in DC, yeah, okay!

  6. siamiam says:

    that biker camper? is pretty cool 🙂

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