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Needing advice about medical billing and coding jobs in houston texas.?

by tom44 on September 12, 2012

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Question by Charmelle L: Needing advice about medical billing and coding jobs in houston texas.?
In the future I plan to move to Houston Texas when I graduate. what would like to know what would make me stand out as a graduate like the key qualifications I would have or know to make me stand out. I’m a mother of 3 and I get a little discouraged about the coding process and knowing about Medicare and so on. I’m really concerned about passing the National Credential Test. I just need some encouragement to go on.

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Answer by yo-yo
I work in a chiropractors office and it is very very easy once your in the field! I’ve also worked for specialists and for family practice, and it’s all pretty easy… just dont mess up and be very concentrated! Here in Houston, you can even open your own medical and billing firm, Doctors just fax you what they need to be done and you send it out! Gosh I wish I had some more info on that! But this way, it’s cheaper for the Doctors to pay someone outside then hiring a whole person and need more office space! It’s all about marketing from there! Also, I would advice you to work somewhere first and get some experience before doing that! You can also apply at the hospitals, they are always hirirng billing and coding people! And trust me, you dont have to memorize anything once your in the field. Infact, you’ll remember everything once your in the field!

Good Luck! If you do decide to move to Houston, let me know! If you have a myspace add me, contact me for the url!


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