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Need help from people around Indianapolis?

by tom44 on July 28, 2013

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Question by Bostonian: Need help from people around Indianapolis?
My son is going to be born in March and sometime in the spring or early summer, me and my girlfriend want to move to the Indianapolis area. We currently live in New England and its becoming way too expensive to live here. We want to move somewhere close to the city… maybe Carmel? Any other nice towns that are close to the city that you can suggest would be very helpful. Also, how is the job market? What is the average hourly rate for… a full time retail clerk just for an example.

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Answer by Sanyarem
Well, I can’t answer all the points of your question, but I’ll try to hit a few. Carmel is nice, but the houses are a bit pricey, it’s gained the reputation for the city where all of the Californians live, because they are some of the few that can afford it. Another few suggestions would be Noblesville or Fishers. Fishers is right on the edge, and Noblesville is about 10-15 minutes away. They’re both right on I-69 so getting to Indy is very easy (traffic forgiving of course). The Job Market? Well, I’ve heard mixed stories. If I were to take a guess (don’t rely too heavily on this) I would say sciences such as chemical engineering and the medical field are doing well. I bet you could find a more dependable answer as far as the job market goes at Hope this helps!!! Great choice though, Indianapolis really is a beautiful city, and according to forbes, the second cheapest place to live while still living nicely…Minneapolis was first.

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2 thoughts on “Need help from people around Indianapolis?

  1. Randy Daytona says:

    Carmel is for the most part pretty nice. It’s not as expensive as the person above me made it out to be. I’d go there or the North/Northeast side of Indy. Lots of retail there too. A full time retail clerk is probably only going to get about $ 10 an hour at most. There two nice malls on the North side though. Castleton is huge then there is the Fashion Mall about a mile down the road which has more high end stuff. Then in Carmel there is an outdoor mall – Clay Terrace but its not very big. For retail the Castleton area is your best bet.

  2. olelefthander says:

    There are scads of little towns surrounding Indy. Carmel is going to be a little expensive compared the many others, but it may not seem expensive compared to Boston.

    I don’t know about the retail job market, sorry.

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