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Need help Columbus ohio medical.?

by tom44 on July 28, 2012

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columbus medical jobs
by SS&SS

Question by Man of my word.: Need help Columbus ohio medical.?
i just moved to Columbus Ohio from New York city. i got a job at fedex as a part time package handler and i also go to Columbus state. I have a bad teeth. Recently i have been in a lot of pain because of one of my tooth is been hurting me really bad. i don’t have no medical nor enough money to get it pulled. Someone told me to check a place in Parason and main street i can get it done for free. but i have no clue of the qualification or where to go or what so ever. please help with any idea i am in lot of pain. thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by David S
Go to a dental school to get it done, it’s cheaper than most private practices. I can give you a rough guideline as to what will happen. You’ll say “I have a toothache” and they’ll probably have some sort of Emergency clinic for you to go to in the school.

Have you been here before? If not, fill this out. Then you’ll wait for the first available student.

Student exams your tooth, reviews your medical history, and paper work. This is the part that can take some time b/c the student will have to review the medical data with a faculty member. An x-ray or 2 will be taken.

Ultimately you’ll get referred to the oral surgery department. Oral surgery will have students exam you and write you a script for antibiotics for infection and some pain meds depending if there is an infection or not.

You’ll get an appointment to get the tooth pulled out next time after your medication is taken, specifically the antibiotics.

If not a dental school, then a hospital. I know Bellevue had an oral surgery department. I’m pretty sure your local hospital can pull out the tooth. Most likely you’ll get medication for infection and pain, then a follow up appointment for an extraction.

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One thought on “Need help Columbus ohio medical.?

  1. Deborah D says:

    I know how you feel. I don’t have insurance either,but I did join this discount dental program and it saved me up to 80% of my dental bill. If you would like more info go to

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