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NCIS: LA – The Bank Job Interview

by tom44 on March 7, 2013

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One “NCIS: Los Angeles” special agent has already been mysteriously kidnapped and has yet to be found dead or alive, and tonight, Kensi (Daniel Ruah) gets shot three times during a bank heist.
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12 thoughts on “NCIS: LA – The Bank Job Interview

  1. Patrick Guerra says:

    Her name is? DanielA Ruah and not Daniel

  2. Devon Manzano says:

    shes soo? hottt

  3. Urwelcometomyworld says:

    Kensi;Callen,Sam are so great actors
    I love him.?

  4. calebinoutlook says:

    NCIS LA is good but not anywere near as good as NCIS. for a lot of reasons. i like how in NCIS they spend alot of time in the? squad room talking about theorys and tracking down leads. NCIS humor is better. in LA its kinda corny and cheesy. isn’t really funny. and the characters have better “chemistry” in NCIS than in LA.probably cause the LA crew hasn’t been together as long but still. and of course. NCIS is the orgional. the origonal is almost always better

  5. TridgetLikeAPuma says:

    my friend has one green eye and then another that is half green half? brown. I think it is really cool.

  6. filipinachik4 says:

    i luv how daniela’s eyes r different colors! my mom thinks it? wierd haha

  7. corpsept says:

    força ai daniela? mostralhes como é

  8. Rachel Wong says:

    Lol…I was watching? this on the night it was showed with my friends. One of them was like screaming and one was swearing (i think it was in some foreign languages…)

  9. BlackHowling77 says:

    then again,? I just ate my words.

  10. BlackHowling77 says:

    No half way for LA.
    This? is legit.
    I can’t wait.

  11. bluestriker666 says:

    i know? right…that’s what i love about this show

  12. BetaArtemis says:

    what is it with this team being shot multiple times…..first Callen? took 5 shots to the chest from an automatic weapon, now Kensi gets 3?

    Wow, this team doesn’t do anything half way….

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