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Nancy Pelosi: Health Reform Will Create 4 Million Jobs

by tom44 on June 28, 2014

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No Experience Necessary “It’s about jobs. In it’s life, it [the health bill] will create 4 million jobs — 400000 jobs almost immediately.” Just like Ob…
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11 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: Health Reform Will Create 4 Million Jobs

  1. Mark Nussbaum says:

    According to the BLS report, 400 jobs were lost in the healthcare industry.
    How’s that ObamaCare working out for you Nancy Pelosi?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its January jobs report Friday
    morning, which showed an increase of 113,000 jobs for the month, plus
    upward revisions of 33,000 jobs for November and 1,000 jobs for December,
    for a total revision of 34,000 additional jobs. The unemployment rate
    ticked down a tenth of a point, to 6.6%. The labor force participation rate
    ticked up to 63% in January.
    From BLS:

  2. LanguageMan1 says:

    I was wondering when I could find this video and sound bite of the lie of
    the healthcare creating 4 million jobs. Now if I could just find more of
    the lies! Hell, people are being cut back to part-time work, some companies
    are hiring only part-time and probably a few more will as well. She as well
    as the rest of the politicians suck!?

  3. ajack50 says:

    this woman,bitch I should say doesn’t give a shit about jobs,nor
    healthcare,she cares about votes just like the rest of the idiots on the
    left.Green jobs is a joke and Americans are hurting while these blithering
    morons keep spending and spending. Its time we clean these elite pieces of
    shit out of washington.

  4. ejayhawk says:

    Even Obama’s socialist ass looks at her like, “dude even I don’t pump up
    this dumb bill that much”

  5. Ted Peters says:

    This woman is delusional… how did she ever rise to the level of Speaker
    of the House?

  6. T Cooper says:


  7. liarsorfools says:

    @Godzilla1909 Since the health care bill isn’t written in English the
    Indian might have an advantage. Have you tried reading it? It is total
    garbage. Best use for it is starting a fire.

  8. Godzilla1909 says:

    All the jobs that this bill will create in the health care industry are
    being outsourced to India. When you have questions about your health care
    and call the information line you will be speaking to an Indian sitting in
    hut with a dirt floor who cant speak english. This is the person who you
    are going to be depending on to interpert the 2500 page health care bill.
    Good Luck!

  9. Mestinon says:

    what kind of jobs

  10. weworkforamerica says:

    This nut jobs constituents need to rise up and remove him from office. The
    FACTS are that healthcare reform will AID American companies in competing
    with foreign manufacturers that do NOT have to provide healthcare for their
    employees since THEIR government DOES. Broun is WRONG. and has been BOUGHT
    OFF by big insurance companies.

  11. pc314272 says:

    paul broun is a stinking liar

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