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MyCare: Annie N. in Miami, FL

by tom44 on June 11, 2013

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Annie’s story: MyCare is an initiative to educate Americans about new programs, benefits, and rights…

Miami police officers caught on camera allegedly ignoring 911 calls The Miami Dade Police Department has fired a sergeant and two officers and suspended thre…
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23 thoughts on “MyCare: Annie N. in Miami, FL

  1. imusamohammed says:

    ATleast 2shit flying? fack was given

  2. TOCBass31 says:

    This is why I carry a firearm because I can’t be sure a cop will show up in time let alone at all. I get the sensitive issue with firearms and recent event on why having less of them wouldn’t be a bad thing. However until they get them out of everyone’s hands legal and illegally i’ll hold onto mine? for now.

  3. OfficerX Cop says:

    In 22 years of police work , this is the worst I’ve ever seen. Normally one cop might duck out of sector while another covers, but, nothing like this. I’m “OfficerX Cop”. I encourage you to look at my videos? they are designed to help people to learn what to do when dealing with the police.

  4. godly04 says:

    and not a single fuck? was given. LOL

  5. witwct odaat says:

    I agree with the posts that say these officers are? human, that is not in debate. But they are on the job. They are purposely endangering peoples lives. If the officer wants to see his girl at the mall, then he should turn in his badge and get a job at the GAP. They’ll see each other everyday. But sadly, this happens everyday.
    Maybe recording it and putting them on youtube will get them to straighten out. Who knows, maybe not!

  6. Thimsnaic says:

    Seriously, how can a trained professional do such a thing? I mean, fair enough, you want some time with your friends, but then? again that’s what job shifts are for, right? Thumbs up if you agree, and tell me why you agree or why you disagree.

  7. Bound For Success... says:

    Our tax? dollars…

  8. mwtd320 says:

    fully? agree

  9. Amanda Ovadal says:

    There are always a few? bad apples. Sad but true.

  10. Maya Nierling says:

    Fucking Lazy ass! Is nothing new, i used live in SoBe, got? roped. Call 911 took 30 mnts police officer showed up. Got? proof, fired them, what you waiting for? Seriously!!

  11. ThroatPoker69 says:

    You are really judging law enforcement as a whole because of a few bad officers? Like any profession, not everyone is going to be perfect. I hope you remember what you said here the next time you need? the police to care about your problems

  12. ThroatPoker69 says:

    what?? lmao

  13. lrshiver3 says:

    And cops wonder why they get a bad rap……..too bad the tax payers can not get their money back from these low life scum. I mean their slogan is to serve and? protect, I just never really believed it was to serve and protect their interests not the public who pays them. An bank robber welding a gun endangering lives or a little smooch time???….how utterly pathetic.

  14. SuperKERESA says:


  15. Glasher Steal says:

    O my god, These cops need butt wopen I am like a verge of tears right with news abut this kind of crap I mean murding and some kid all most dieing have you seen the news
    Its just crazy with? murdering attacking and stuff you shouldn’t even know…. =-=

  16. dillan rackley says:

    Don’t give those pathetic lazy ass cops their jobs back.
    A infant kid needs medical attention and they say they are going and? don’t?
    What if that kid had died.
    Pathetic cops!

  17. pbfinishes says:

    All? the people that disliked this video are cops!!!!

  18. activejames says:

    These officers should spend some time in? prison for grand theft, dereliction of duty, attempted involuntary manslaughter, accomplice to crimes, plagiarism, falsifying legal documents, etc., THEN get BLACKLISTED from every department! Shameful.

  19. miamiwax says:

    damn his? gf must have some good stuff

  20. mika svelia says:

    maybe they dont ve enough time spending? with their beloved one..poor them..~

  21. sandy jones says:

    oh man thats pretty? funny. America.

  22. alcocer1126 says:

    Lazy ass? fucken pigs

  23. Stackzz Montana says:


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