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My wife is is applying for a teaching job in the Philadelphia?

by tom44 on May 6, 2014

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Question by mintman123: My wife is is applying for a teaching job in the Philadelphia?
school distric and some of the schools that have opening say that you can only apply if you are african american, my wife is white and some of the schools that say that are decent schools, how can they get away with this isn’t that reverse discrimination?

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Answer by apjagz31
good luck to her

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6 thoughts on “My wife is is applying for a teaching job in the Philadelphia?

  1. nickelrustler says:

    there is NO such thing as reverse discrimination…just discrimination. And THAT is what is happening..I would immediately show this to the ACLU

  2. lotus_elise_81 says:

    This may be the result of so-called ‘positive’ discrimination that makes a certain number of places available to disadvantaged groups (African Americans, women etc.) to increase the proportions of teachers who come from those groups. Fair or not, it is usually government sanctioned.

  3. AJ says:

    No, because schools have to be “diverse” Just like students for college. Many of the students get picked or looked at first because of their nationalities. By law each school must have certain teachers and students from certain backgrounds to meet the diversity level of the state. Or so i am told.

  4. Alex B says:

    that does seem kinda unfair, lets face it people slavery was bad, very bad, but that doesnt mean that a whole new generation should have to deal with repurcutions, it’s not fair for an underqualified person to get the job of a qualified person, whether they are white black yellow or otherwise

  5. neniaf says:

    Sorry, but “reverse discrimination” may be a popular concept, but it has no legal import. If the school has a mostly African-American student population, and too many of the teachers are White, they may have a need for someone who can be a role model. It would be one thing if the school had ONLY African-American teachers, but if they don’t have enough, then it makes sense.

  6. curiositas49 says:

    A few pointers for your wife as she goes about this:

    (1) Try to not get caught up in the “discrimination” “reverse discrimination” tango … it will take her focus off the goal, i.e., getting relocated and having a job.

    (2) Go online to the Philadelphia Inquirer for Saturday, May 10, 2008. The headline story is about the public education system in Philadelphia … it is a definite read for anyone considering a teaching job in the Philadelphia School District.

    (3) If at all possible, have her consider extending the reach to the immediate suburbs surrounding the city … there are excellent -and diverse- schools on both sides of the Delaware River, that is, PA and New Jersey -all within reasonable driving distance from Center City.

    (4) Go online to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (link below) and search schools from one of the most comprehensive viewpoints available -including significant data regarding individual schools as well as school districts.

    Good luck!

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