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My Many Jobs: New York City, Part I – Bobst Library

by tom44 on August 20, 2012

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I’ve had a million odd jobs. This series is an account of those that I had while I lived in New York City. *************** Other places to find me: IMDB: Blog: Website Twitter

Here we see the actor Noah Wyle playing the role of Steve Jobs at the start of the Macworld expo. Noah played the role of Steve in the movie Pirates Of Silicon Valley which was released that same year.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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30 thoughts on “My Many Jobs: New York City, Part I – Bobst Library

  1. SargentChanning says:

    No,? I didn’t – this job would have been a lot more fun, had I.

  2. pete275 says:

    library computer guy! were these public computers? did you find any good porn in? them?

  3. rossy927 says:

    I hope you had fun while? you were here. The East coast misses you back lol

  4. SargentChanning says:

    Aww – I’m not there anymore! Back in LA? now. I miss the east coast like crazy!

  5. rossy927 says:

    I think everyone has been a “Barista” at some point in their lives lol. Mine is yet to come lol.? If I run into you while youre here I am hugging you, you have been warned J/K.

  6. nobody3151 says:

    faster than windows vista? omg, how suck? can be mac os 9??

  7. alexgrinkov says:

    Noah, I’m your? father.

  8. justwatching1980 says:

    Steve was? just so natural.

  9. WollyhoodStudios says:

    Yea, so? wut?

  10. starwarsdigest102 says:

    bastard I don’t like apple but know copies Steve?

  11. xXRainKingXx says:

    I noticed that as well.

    Steve is? so intimidating that famous actors are afraid to be on the same stage as him.

  12. Tony Zhang says:

    If steve jobs don’t get ceo of apple?maybe we will no’t saw? the iphone?and ipad

  13. thomashester2 says:

    stanley tucci would be great as the? older jobs

  14. leeanucha says:

    Great movie!?

  15. volikoto says:

    haha! noah wyle really did great in this and specially? the movie…

  16. ArtieLangeXM says:

    this is when apple sucked shit lol,? the company was worth ledd than a honeless asshole filled with shit haha

  17. Jaahhk says:

    Michael Anthony? Hall & Noah Wyle did an INCREDIBLE job playing Steve & Bill.

  18. durga6250 says:

    You can tell Noah is intimidated by? Steve
    Who wouldn’t?
    Was surprized Steve not saying to him
    This is shit!

  19. boobuttbrown says:

    Noah? is soooo cute!

  20. Animeman1000000 says:

    Better yet? when when Mark had that Facebook conference thing they have like every year or whatever and Andy Samberg did the same thing from this video. He was there for like almost 10 minutes. Then Mark came out and kicked him off and started.

  21. stanceru360 says:

    ??? ?? ??????? ????? ????…We miss you, Steve!

  22. legarconblanc says:

    Really? He seems much more natural and personable than Mark. Just the confidence of age, I suppose,? but Mark’s goofily nerdy.

  23. darlamack says:

    Lol classic!!!?

  24. Anton Buzulutskiy says:

    ?????,????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ????? ?????????
    ? ?? ????? ???????

  25. thePetedylan says:

    The way Jobs acted and talked in this video reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg when he was on? the SNL with Jesse Eisenberg.

  26. tnguyenok says:

    Come? on! Let’s give him a shot. We don’t know it yet.

  27. Reinbah1 says:

    ?????? ??????????!!!!!!!? ???????!!!!!!)))))))

  28. ???? ???????? says:

    ?????? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ????? ??????

  29. lantzn says:

    Kuthcher is a horrible actor. Take a look at EVERY news site about the? indie film he’s going to play Jobs in and 95% of all comments are a thumbs down on him playing the part. Thank goodness it wasn’t the Isaacson/Sony picture!

  30. John Vazquez says:

    This guy or Stanley Tucci should play Jobs in the Sony Film. Let Ashton Kutcher be in that? indie film.

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